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: August, 2012

Vallas’ standardized testing obsession: 3 rounds of tests plus CMTs

by Jon Pelto from Wait, What Forget about the concept that our schools need to devote more time to learning; Paul Vallas, “education reformer extraordinaire,” and Bridgeport’s, $229,000, part-time,

Report: Wage Gap in CT Between Wealthy and Others Has Grown

The report is on the CT Voices website: State of Working CT Report Warns Job Sector Shifts and Opportunity Gaps Point to Troubling Future A Labor Day weekend report on wages and jobs in Connecticut

Bridgeport’s Assault on Special Education

by Jon Pelto from Wait, What Following up on Wait, What?’s earlier post today about Bridgeport’s massive cuts to special education services; When it comes to special education services,

Two Good Ads

Former Republican Florida Gov. Charlie Crist’s endorsement of President Obama

A must read, as reported here: Despite its critics on the left (it should have been bigger) and the right (it should never have been done, Solyndra) parts of the Stimulus were front and center in

New Ad Exposes McMahon’s Real Record and Plan

This weekend, Chris Murphy’s campaign for Senate will launch a new television ad to expose wrestling boss Linda McMahon’s miserable record at the WWE and her so-called economic plan, which would give

Bridgeport Democrat says he is for school vouchers

by Jon Pelto from Wait, What One of the more incredible comments at a recent debate among the candidates running in Bridgeport’s September 4th special election to select a democratically elected board

Quick Fix to Bridgeport’s Special Education Budget?

by Jon Pelto from Wait, What Yesterday afternoon, Paul Vallas’ Chief of Staff released a statement refuting the numbers that I had posted about the City’s special education budget. On Tuesday, I

The Fanatical GOP

by Robert Reich The Republican Party platform, approved today, would bar abortion even in cases of rape and incest. This is basically Todd Akin’s position, but at least the GOP platform doesn’t assert

What is Paul Vallas doing to Bridgeport’s Special Education Students?

by Jon Pelto from Wait What When Bridgeport’s City Council approved this year’s $511.1 million city budget, it included a core school budget of $215.8 million. That is the same amount that was