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Progressive Principles of Tax Reform

What tax reform should look like:

Progressive Principles of Tax Reform

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  1. John says:

    Here’s how to simplify things :
    1. Taxpayer Name, Address, SSN {everybody }
    2. Enter Gross Income (W-2’s, 1099’s ) etc.
    3. Multiply by 17%.
    4. Enter Amount Witheld.
    5. Subtract 4 from 3. If amount positive, enclose check for that amount. If negative, refund to you.
    6. Sign form.

    Reduce staffing of the IRS. Resuce need for tax accountants & CPAs doing taxes. everybody in the same boat – you can complain how your money is wasted on a wholesale scale. Same for State at a lower percent.

    Makes too much sense. Will never happen.