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While cutting essential services, Malloy gives $100,000 to a Stamford Brewery

by Jon Pelto from Wait, What/strong>

In a tribute to modern American politics, while Sunday’s newspaper featured the article by the father of the 28-year-old intellectually disabled daughter who wrote, “Amid Stark State Cuts, A Father’s Plea: Who Will Care for Katie?”; the Monday paper featured a photo-op of Governor Dannel Malloy in his hometown of Stamford celebrating a grant for $100,000 to the Half Full Brewery.

Thanks to Malloy’s $100 million Small Business Express Program, in which the state borrowed $100 million to give away operating grants to various businesses, the Stamford beer pub got a helping hand from Connecticut’s taxpayers.

Billed as a way to provide “working capital” to small business, the program effectively picks winners and losers, all funded at taxpayer expense.

While supporting small business is probably a better economic development strategy then giving away tens of millions to corporate giants, the actual benefit of many of the grants remains doubtful.

With the legislation approved in October 2011, the Malloy administration has funded 598 applications to the tune of about $80 million.

Despite the record budget cuts included in his new budget, the Governor is proposing to borrow another $60 million for the corporate welfare program. While the Stamford brew pub is undoubtedly appreciative of the $100,000 gift, there was no word from the state’s other small beer manufactures (23 of them) or the state’s hard cider manufactures (8 of them) or the state’s apple brandy manufacturers (3 of them) or the state’s liquor manufactures (12 of them).