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Vallas: I Didn’t Resign When I Said I Was Going to Resign

News Flash: Vallas now says he didn’t announce his resignation Nov 8th after all, wants more money

by Jon Pelto from Wait, What

In an absolutely unbelievable last insult to the taxpayers of Bridgeport and Connecticut, Paul Vallas and his lawyers have told the Bridgeport Board of Education that he did not announce that he was resigning on November 8th; he only announced he was going to announce that he was resigning.

Instead Vallas is now claiming that he wants his 60-day notice window to start on December 31, 2013 which would allow him to collect his $960 a day salary and full health benefits through February.

According to the Connecticut Post, “The issue is apparently over health insurance. Vallas, who sought legal counsel, wants the school board to cover his health insurance through June 2014.”

Vallas’ move is based on the fact that his contract with the Bridgeport Board of Education requires that the City of Bridgeport pay Vallas full year’s salary of $234,000 if they fire him but that he can leave at any time with a 60-day notice.

In November he wrote a letter to the Board and all Bridgeport staff announcing he would be leaving to become Illinois’s Governor Quinn’s running mate in next year’s election.

Vallas was also at a Bridgeport Board meeting weeks later, nodding his head in concurrence, when a January end-date was determined.

But now, Vallas is backtracking claiming he never “officially” announced he was resigning and therefore his 60-day window has not started.

Although the Connecticut Post is reporting that the cost to the City for six-months of health care insurance hasn’t been announced, the cost for his type of plan would be expected to run about $10,000 -$12,000.

Apparently Vallas believes the people of Bridgeport and Connecticut are unable to read contracts. Section 6 (ii) of his contract states that the, “Superintendent resigns from his position upon giving the board 60 days written notice of his intention to resign.”

There is absolutely no question that his previous letter to the Board of Education reflected his “intention to resign.”

It will be interesting to see if Mayor Bill Finch, Commissioner Stefan Pryor and Governor Malloy step in to protect the taxpayers of Bridgeport and Connecticut or allow Vallas to grab $10,000 more taxpayer funds in the smash and grab maneuver.