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Eating resistant starch may help reduce red meat-related colorectal cancer risk

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Health News Report – 1 hour ago
Consumption of a type of starch that acts like fiber may help reduce colorectal cancer risk associated with a high red meat diet, according to a study published in *Cancer Prevention Research*, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. “Red meat and resistant starch have opposite effects on the colorectal cancer-promoting miRNAs, the miR-17-92 cluster,” said Karen J. Humphreys, PhD, a research associate at the Flinders Center for Innovation in Cancer at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia. “This finding supports consumption of resistant starch as a means of r… more »

Eating baked or broiled fish weekly boosts brain health

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Health News Report – 1 hour ago
Eating baked or broiled fish once a week is good for the brain, regardless of how much omega-3 fatty acid it contains, according to researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. The findings, published online recently in the *American Journal of Preventive Medicine*, add to growing evidence that lifestyle factors contribute to brain health later in life. Scientists estimate that more than 80 million people will have dementia by 2040, which could become a substantial burden to families and drive up health care costs, noted senior investigator James T. Becker, Ph.D.,… more »

Common drugs adversely impair older adults’ physical as well as cognitive functioning

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Health News Report – 2 hours ago
A class of medications previously linked to cognitive impairment in older adults also appears to negatively affect their physical functioning according to investigators from the Regenstrief Institute, the Indiana University Center for Aging Research, the University of East Anglia and several other United Kingdom institutions. In a systemic review of more than a decade of studies on the effects of drugs with anticholinergic properties, they report that these drugs have a significant adverse effect on both cognitive and physical functioning, including the ability to feed and dress o… more »

Healthy lifestyle may buffer against stress-related cell aging

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Health News Report – 5 days ago
A new study from UC San Francisco is the first to show that while the impact of life’s stressors accumulate overtime and accelerate cellular aging, these negative effects may be reduced by maintaining a healthy diet, exercising and sleeping well. “The study participants who exercised, slept well and ate well had less telomere shortening than the ones who didn’t maintain healthy lifestyles, even when they had similar levels of stress,” said lead author Eli Puterman, PhD, assistant professor in the department of psychiatry at UCSF. “It’s very important that we promote healthy livi… more »

Soy may help women’s hearts if they start early

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Health News Report – 5 days ago
A diet rich in soy may help feminine hearts, but timing matters, finds a new study published in *Menopause*, the journal of The North American Menopause Society. Lifelong soy consumption, similar to the diet of women in Asia, produces the least atherosclerosis. Switching to a Western diet after menopause, similar to Asian migrants to North America, leads to just as much atherosclerosis as a lifelong Western diet, and switching to soy from a Western diet after menopause helps only if there isn’t much atherosclerosis already. Researchers at Wake Forest School of Medicine in Winsto… more »

Running reduces risk of death regardless of duration, speed

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Health News Report – 5 days ago
Running for only a few minutes a day or at slow speeds may significantly reduce a person’s risk of death from cardiovascular disease compared to someone who does not run, according to a study published in the *Journal of the American College of Cardiology*. Exercise is well-established as way to prevent heart disease and it is component of an overall healthy life, but it is unclear whether there are health benefits below the level of 75 minutes per week of vigorous-intensity activity, such as running, recommended by the U.S. government and World Health Organization. Researchers st… more »
Dyscalculia: Burdened by blunders with numbers
Jonathan Kantrowitz at Education Research Report – 5 days ago
Between 3 and 6% of schoolchildren suffer from an arithmetic-related learning disability. LMU researchers now show that these children are also more likely to exhibit deficits in reading and spelling than had been previously suspected. Addition and subtraction, multiplication and division are the four basic operations in arithmetic. But for some children, learning these fundamental skills is particularly challenging. Studies show that they have problems grasping the concepts of number, magnitude, and quantity, and that they do poorly when asked to estimate relative amounts. In math… more »

First Grade Reading Suffers in Segregated Schools

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Education Research Report – 6 days ago
A groundbreaking study from the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute has found that African-American students in first grade experience smaller gains in reading when they attend segregated schools—but the students’ backgrounds likely are not the cause of the differences. According to the Center for Civil Rights, although the United States is becoming more racially and ethnically diverse, segregation is still on the rise. To better understand segregation’s impact on student performance, FPG scientists looked at nearly 4000 first graders in public schools nationwide. “When… more »

Kandinsky: A Retrospective September 26, 2014–January 4, 2015

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Art History News – 6 days ago
Kandinsky Retrospective Brings Modern Masterworks from the Centre Pompidou–Paris to the Frist Center The Frist Center for the Visual Arts presents *Kandinsky: A Retrospective*, an exhibition celebrating a lifetime of work by Wassily Kandinsky (1866–1944) in the Center’s Ingram Gallery from September 26, 2014–January 4, 2015. Chronicling four decades of artistic evolution—from early figurative works to exuberant experiments in abstraction and color—this exhibition invites visitors on an extraordinary stylistic journey of one of the most innovative modern art masters of the twentieth… more »