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Baby teethers soothe, but many contain low levels of BPA

Bisphenol-A (BPA), parabens and antimicrobials are widely used in personal care products and plastics. The U.S. and other governments have banned or restricted some of these compounds’ use in certain

Fairfield County: Many residents of distressed neighborhoods experience risk factors, chronic diseases, and rates of premature mortality that far exceed those of the surrounding area

Data Haven has issued a new Fairfield County Community Wellbeing Index 2016. It’s a comprehensive 80 page report on numerous topics within Fairfield County, including health, education,income and

Expand Medicare to Include Dental Coverage

Source: JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY BLOOMBERG SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH Only 12 percent of older Americans have some form of dental insurance and fewer than half visited a dentist in the previous year,

Risk of antibiotic resistance and environmental impact should be among the considerations for ingredients added to over-the-counter and household products

Source: TUFTS UNIVERSITY, HEALTH SCIENCES CAMPUS A new commentary from Patrick McNamara and Stuart Levy cautions that the Food and Drug Administration’s ban on triclosan and 18 other biocidal

New study of 11 cities finds the growth of charter schools has increased inequality in education

Source: Economic Policy Institute A new report by Rutgers University professor Bruce Baker, finds that many school districts have lost enrollment and revenue due to charter school expansion, which has

A $15 minimum wage is an essential part of achieving shared prosperity

Source: Economic Policy Institute Last Tuesday, working people across the country, from fast food workers to adjunct professors, are striking and demonstrating in favor of a $15 minimum wage—the

Fairfield County Restaurants Lists Updated

I have updated my comprehensive restaurant listings, with links (perfect for bookmarking): Bridgeport Restaurants Fairfield Restaurants Greenwich Restaurants Norwalk Restaurants Stamford Restaurants

Connecticut Breweries -My Latest Blog!

Fairfield Craft Ales opens in Stratford Jonathan Kantrowitz at Connecticut Breweries – 1 day ago The only thing better than a brewery in Stratford is two breweries in Stratford. Or at least that’s

Archaeology News Report

Israel Americas Europe Near East Neanderthals Israel Israel: 3,800 Year Old Pottery Vessel with the 3-D Image of a Person Jonathan Kantrowitz at Archaeology News Report – 4 days ago The vessel was

Latest Health Research

Aging Exercise and Fitness Diet Lifestyle Statins CPR Supplements Full reports available here Aging 55 and older, stroke rates down; 35 to 39 rates are up Jonathan Kantrowitz at Health News Report – 2