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Latest Archaeology Research Reports – Israel & Near East, Europe, Americas

Full reports are available at Israel/Near East A 1,500 Year Old Livestock Stable was Exposed in the ‘Avdat’ National Park Jonathan Kantrowitz at Archaeology

Latest Health Research

See full reports at Diet A diet that includes plenty of green, leafy vegetables may lower the risk of glaucoma Jonathan Kantrowitz at Health News Report – 10

New CDC Study Shows 1 out of 4 US Adults 50 Years and Older are Physically Inactive

Regular physical activity is vital for healthy aging. It can help delay, prevent, or manage many costly chronic diseases. Physical activity can also reduce the risk of premature death. Despite these

Laying the foundation for a more prosperous and equitable Connecticut economy

Close to seven years after the end of the Great Recession, many Connecticut working families have been left out of the economic recovery. According to a new report from Connecticut Voices for

The Trans-Pacific Partnership would hurt black and Hispanic workers

The Trans-Pacific Partnership would expand trade with low-wage, less-developed countries, reducing the wages of nearly 100 million non-college educated American workers by $180 billion each year. A

Latest Health Research Reports

Exercise and Weight Intensive exercise. e.g.CrossFit: you need rest too Jonathan Kantrowitz at Health News Report – 10 hours ago Are you a fitness enthusiast? If so, moderation and appropriate rest

Latest research reveals sitting in traffic jams is officially bad for you

Latest research from the University of Surrey has shown that simple adjustment to your car’s ventilation system while sitting in traffic jams can greatly affect your exposure to toxic fumes by up to

Latest Health Research

Avoiding Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer’s Diet and exercise can reduce protein build-ups linked to Alzheimer’s Jonathan Kantrowitz at Health News Report – 15 hours ago A study by researchers at

Prenatal BPA exposure linked to anxiety and depression in boys

Source:COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY’S MAILMAN SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH Boys exposed prenatally to a common chemical used in plastics may be more likely to develop symptoms of anxiety and depression at age

CT’s SAT Requirement: What a Waste!

Repost from Ann Cronin’s blog Big News! It was on the front page of the The Hartford Courant, reported on in all the other state newspapers, and featured on the Connecticut State Department of