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Latest Health Research Reports

Exercise and Weight Intensive exercise. e.g.CrossFit: you need rest too Jonathan Kantrowitz at Health News Report – 10 hours ago Are you a fitness enthusiast? If so, moderation and appropriate rest

Latest research reveals sitting in traffic jams is officially bad for you

Latest research from the University of Surrey has shown that simple adjustment to your car’s ventilation system while sitting in traffic jams can greatly affect your exposure to toxic fumes by up to

Latest Health Research

Avoiding Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer’s Diet and exercise can reduce protein build-ups linked to Alzheimer’s Jonathan Kantrowitz at Health News Report – 15 hours ago A study by researchers at

Prenatal BPA exposure linked to anxiety and depression in boys

Source:COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY’S MAILMAN SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH Boys exposed prenatally to a common chemical used in plastics may be more likely to develop symptoms of anxiety and depression at age

CT’s SAT Requirement: What a Waste!

Repost from Ann Cronin’s blog Big News! It was on the front page of the The Hartford Courant, reported on in all the other state newspapers, and featured on the Connecticut State Department of

BPS is just as harmful to the reproductive system as BPA, the chemical it replaced

Source: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA – LOS ANGELES HEALTH SCIENCES FINDINGS Bisphenol S, a chemical used to manufacture polycarbonate water bottles and many other products such as epoxy glues and cash

Working full time not enough to lift thousands of working parents out of poverty

Source: COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY’S MAILMAN SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH Even after working 40 or more hours a week, thousands of Florida parents would need to earn nearly double the state’s current hourly

Some Catholic hospitals make it hard for physicians to provide referrals for reproductive services

Source: WILEY JOURNAL: Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health Catholic hospitals, which represent a growing share of health care in the United States, prohibit staff from providing many common

Attention Jim Himes

by Jared Bernstein, Washington Post: The progressive victory nobody’s talking about In both the Republican and Democrat nominating conventions, the issue of government debt and deficits hardly came

Especially true in Connecticut

Worthy of Our Contempt, by Paul Krugman, NY Times: …(T)he real sinners here are Republican leaders who are actively supporting a candidate whom they know poses a danger to the nation. It’s not hard to