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McMahon’s Business – Even Worse Than I Imagined

I’m not a wrestling fan – so I had no idea how women were degraded in WWE “entertainment” until I saw the images of simulated rape by McMahon’s son-in-law and Vince forcing a woman on her knees to

“The consequences of death is a very sad thing when that happens” – Linda McMahon

Linda McMahon last night: “Relative, you know, to WWE, there is absolutely a program in place to help the men and women in WWE. These performers who are in the ring, and the consequences of death is a

Dan Debicella’s recently released economic plan would immediately gut Social Security and Medicare

Based on a press release from the Himes campaign Dan Debicella’s recently released economic plan would immediately gut Social Security and Medicare, institutionalize deficits, and promises to give

Tom Foley Ignores Himself

Quoted in a story by WFSB Channel 3, Republican Tom Foley got testy when asked about his healthcare plan, specifically his “Core Benefits” plan which would allow certain employers to offer healthcare

Tom Foley Show Ignorance of the Law

Leadership and members of the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) called recent comments by Tom Foley, the Republican candidate for governor, a demonstration of his ignorance of

How To Vote For Jim Himes

Are you one of the many disappointed by Jim Himes’ performance? I am. I’m disappointed by not only his support of tax breaks for the rich, but his particularly insensitive way of defending his

Jon’s Latest Health Research

I drink some calcium-supplemented OJ, and eat 3-4 yogurts a week. I will try to increase those a bit. I probably should consider taking a calcium supplement, but I take too many already: Most women,

Deceptive Debicella

by Russell’s 10 Dan Debicella sent out a mailer. Not surprising. Dan Debicella filled his mailer with the loosest possible interpretations of fact and at least two outright lies. If you’ve been