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Jon’s Latest Health Research

I drink some calcium-supplemented OJ, and eat 3-4 yogurts a week. I will try to increase those a bit. I probably should consider taking a calcium supplement, but I take too many already: Most women,

Deceptive Debicella

by Russell’s 10 Dan Debicella sent out a mailer. Not surprising. Dan Debicella filled his mailer with the loosest possible interpretations of fact and at least two outright lies. If you’ve been

Martha Dean Supports ‘Nullifying’ Unjust Federal Laws

That’s the headline in a recent Hartford Courant report. Nullification is the long-ago rejected principle that states have the right to ignore, or nullify, federal laws they don’t like. It’s an absurd

Most of the nearly 15 million people aged 19-29 uninsured in 2009

Young adults continue to represent one of the largest groups of Americans without health insurance, with nearly 15 million people aged 19-29 uninsured in 2009—an increase of more than 1 million over

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Receives Widespread Support From Americans

A large majority of Americans across various demographic groups agree that scientists should be able to use stem cells for biomedical research, according to a recent Harris Interactive/HealthDay poll.

Report Shows EPA’s Clean Air Act Significantly Benefits Economy

Two organizations, Small Business Majority and Main Street Alliance have jointly released a new report showing that the Clean Air Act’s economic benefits have far exceeded the costs imposed on


As the race for the Fifth District heads into the final weeks, Congressman Chris Murphy (CT-5) today released internal polling numbers showing his lead has grown to 14 points, 48%-34%. “Chris has


Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Foley is hoping you can join him and Scott Brown in Glastonbury – so long as you dress appropriately. The invitation to join Foley and Brown at the Riverfront