Jellies – Who Knew?

I’m one of those people who love to listen to NPR (Sunday Baroque is my favorite.)  This seems to annoy my husband to no end especially on long road trips. However when thinking about something “blog worthy” to write about, I remembered that Connecticut has a great public broadcasting Network –  There’s lots of great programming (for all ages), local events and much, much more – so if you haven’t done so – check it out!

I then clicked on “February 16, 2012” to see if anything exciting was happening I should be aware of…and there is a very cool and new event at Mystic Aquarium featuring jelly fish. Here’s how it’s described:

”Immerse yourself in a world of jellies. From the outside, this new exhibit at Mystic Aquarium resembles a 20-foot-tall sea nettle floating on water. Under its dome, special lighting showcases the fascinating features of six very different jelly species, from moon jellies, often spotted in Long Island Sound, to unusual upside-down jellies and comb jellies, which look like they have electrical currents running through them. Guests can also see how moon jelly polyps are being cultured right at the aquarium. Trickling water from a two-sided water wall inside the exhibit adds to the experience. The wall, sponsored by Aquarium Water Company, features streams of water running over hand-blown glass fish and jellies created by renowned local artist Jeffery P’an of Prescient Studios in Stonington.”

Interested? Call 1-860-572-5955 for more information about tickets. And don’t forget to visit for more great stuff. Have a good week CT!

Jacquie Kirchoff