Good Neighbors Make Good Sense – No Dump!

Today yours truly attended a press conference at Milford City Hall. Pictured are Senator Gayle Slossberg, Milford Mayor Blake and concerned residents of Connecticut.

We are taking the first steps to defend our community’s public health, safety, and environment against the expansion of the 990 Naugatuck Avenue solid waste facility. In other words – we don’t want them to expand…taking in up to 700 more tons of industrial and solid waste…that’s a lot more trucks coming and going…from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM weekdays…plus Saturday…on Naugatuck Avenue which is a residential neighborhood.

Did I mention the health, safety and environment concerns?

Thank you Senator Slossberg, Mayor Blake, and all the people who are trying to ensure that our community is made safe for ourselves and future generations.

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Jacquie Kirchoff

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  1. Laila B. Del Rosario says:

    it was really bad when your place could be a dump site, i hope your public servant made an action for that, it was true that it not good for the health of all people in the community.