CT is 9th Clean Energy State*

I know what you’re thinking (big deal)…but hey #9 isn’t too bad, and we’re in the top 10! I’m sure I helped this along when my water-heater broke last summer, and we replaced it with one of those “tank-less” numbers (no thanks necessary CT.)  Now we use much less electricity. But seriously folks, we should be proud and gloat over this a little bit. For the sake of anyone who yet doesn’t know what clean or sustainable energy is (shame on you), simply it is energy that meets the needs of the present without harming future generations to meet their needs…for example solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy (think hot springs on that one), hybrid-cars etc., etc.  My info. came from U.S.A. today, and you can read more about this at *USA Today Clean Energy.

Jacquie Kirchoff