Milford Brush Fire Brought the Curious and Kept the Calm & Patient

My son works the front desk of a hotel that was right “in the thick” of the activity Monday night during Milford’s brush fire. Just past 6:00 PM while he was checking people in, he noticed cars racing down the parking lot and people running. He sent the custodian out to investigate, and he reported back that thick black smoke and brush fires could be seen coming from the back of the building heading towards the train tracks and beyond. My son called the fire department and was told they were on top of it. Naturally the fire trucks and police arrived as soon as he hung up. A policeman entered the hotel and asked how many guests were staying at the hotel (there were about 50); they had to be evacuated. But (big but) they needed to remain in the lobby because the road had been closed. My son began calling not knowing what to expect when you tell people there is a fire in the back of the hotel; to evacuate their room and come down to the lobby (and oh by the way you can’t leave because the road is closed.) But they were calm, and they were amazingly patient as they waited in the lobby until 9:00 PM. By then the “hot spots” were out, and it was safe to go back to their rooms.

Just goes to show you that people brought together under tough, stressful situations will show their own good, true colors!

Jacquie Kirchoff