Just Around The Corner at The EDGE

Yesterday I decided to join the fitness gym that nearly all my friends attend.  As you can see below – it appears “the EDGE” is CT’s favorite gym. Only one reason why I left my hubby’s gym (Planet Fitness); it’s the classes (Yoga, Zumba, Pilates and more.)  I’ve tried Yoga at home after buying a DVD to follow, however once I’m nicely settled into a routine on the floor, my cats and dog take that as their queue to crawl all over me. Downward dog takes on new dimensions with forward cats on your back. (Funny thing though, when I’m down on all fours about to administer some oral medicine to one of them, they are no where to be found!? Interesting…)  Anyway, now I’m an official member and on my way (as was told to me by my fitness advisor) to a “better me.” After signing my first 12 months away and getting the grand tour in one of their nine CT locations (I was in Stratford by the way), I stayed on to work out for another 50 minutes. I have to say the I was impressed with this facility. Today I went to Milford’s gym after work and was equally impressed, especially since I got to watch the History Channel on my personal TV while doing cardio work (very cool.) Can’t wait to try the many classes and vary my fitness routine up now. I’ll keep you’all posted.

Jacquie Kirchoff