“CT still revolutionary” & Still Part of New England…

Did you know this…that CT had been thrown out of New England before Dannel Malloy became our Gov. in 2011? I was shocked. Of course after further reading it became more clear that it was those upstarts over at Discover New England (unfortunately an important tourism group) who had left us off their website map. Now we’ve paid up our dues and are back in good standing. CT is once again part of New England.

But here’s what’s new.  A marketing strategy to boost tourism in the state called “Connecticut still revolutionary” about our rich history in the American Revolution. You’ll begin to see these ads everywhere very soon. But here’s a preview from the twitter feed – I was impressed. So enjoy, have pride in our state, pass it on and thank your lucky red, white & blue stars we’re still part of New England!   Preview CT Still Revolutionary

Jacquie Kirchoff