“Home – Preserve Your Memories”

If it was anytime before August of 2004, you would have found me living in Rhode Island (my home for 40+years) at my Grandmother’s old cape house across from the local golf course. Mom and dad lived directly in back, my brother and his family adjacent to them, my aunt and uncle on one side of me, my great-aunt on the other. Up and down this road that was once all dairy farmland owned by my great-grandfather was home. It was called “the Ray Compound” jokingly. And what a time it was! My son grew up playing with his cousins, while I only needed to step out into my backyard to see the folks. Our doors were always unlocked and open.

Fast forward thru 8 years. My husband, my son and I have are living 2 hours away, 100 miles exactly in Connecticut. At first it was difficult not be living next door to family. But given time, CT began to feel like home. New friends became close friends and extended family. But passing time began to bring changes. My brother and his family also moved away to North Carolina. My grandmother died peacefully after a short illness, and my cousin bought the old cape. My uncle and great-aunt also passed; then my aunt became ill and moved in with her son – leaving only mom and dad on “the compound”.

In just one month we will be embarking on another move – no longer a two-hour car ride but 1000 miles or 17+ hours to Iowa. I can well attest to the old proverb, “the one thing you can depend on is that nothing stays the same.” Life just keeps changing. My hope is that this new place will very soon become to feel like “home.”

So look for me sometime soon blogging from America’s heartland. Until then, thank you for reading, stay well and God Bless CT! … Preserve Your Memories

Jacquie Kirchoff