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The Wizarding World of … Us

The thick energy of the weeks leading up to the election has loosened its deathgrip from around our collective necks; although expectation of what January brings still leaves us rather “bunched up”

The Astrology of Sun vs Moon

  Below is an excerpt from a narrative I sent to an old Aquarius friend recently: Your astrology is interesting.  Your Sun in Aquarius (who you are) and your Rising sign (how you appear to

Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust

  On October 25th 2016 (in time for All Souls Day on Nov. 2) the Catholic Church published cremation guidelines for the “faithfully departed.”  These state that a person’s ashes must be kept in a

Cursed, or not Cursed … That IS the question

  A man came into the shop while ago, and  after looking around asked me about the War Water – what it was, what it was used for? I told him it was primarily used to set an intent – you splash it

Working With The Ancestors

  I was recently asked about reaching out to the spirits of loved ones who have passed, to ask for their help or insight. Please know that if you want to work with ancestors/spirits you MUST

Wet-Blanket Saturn

I have been feeling vaguely sad for almost a year now – not depressed, just, well I guess “oppressed” is as good a word as any. Decided finally to look at my chart and see what is transiting – and

Weepy Week at Talisman

  I am seeing an energetic shift which has moved from angry and “in your face” to depressed and weepy.  There was one day this week in which every single person I sat with wound up crying.

For the Love of God, PLEASE do not Send in the Clowns!

Clowns …. Ugh. I have always disliked them, and the Stephen King movie “It” cemented that. But this is how my life works: My grandparents (who half raised me) lived on Nutmeg Road, Bridgeport.