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The Cardinal Grand Cross, on Crack!

Well, it’s amping up big time and August promises to be  “challenging” at best.  My shop’s resident astrologer, Alethea, tends to spin things to the positive … except for THIS month! 

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Another eventful month ahead, folks!  As you’ll recall from last month’s Astrology Corner, Mercury turns retrograde at the outset of this month on the 3rd and this will last through the 26th.  When it does, it will be in opposition to Neptune – a tough proposition for negotiating deals, communicating clearly, traveling, and for ironing out plans.   Neptune has a tendency to obscure and create a lack of clarity and confusion, which throws gas on the already annoying hiccups that can occur during the retrograde period.  If you’re planning a summer road trip this month, double and triple check everything.   Don’t just rely on GPS to get you where you are going, carry a map as well so that you don’t get lost if your GPS acts up.  Keep track of your baggage, your itinerary, and make sure you’re clear about your travel plans.

Communication may not be the best during August, so if you have plans to travel make sure you’ve already done your due diligence and checked that you have no conflicting appointments/responsibilities and be sure that you’ve already requested the time off at work.   Forgetting things – especially important details like this – can be a real issue this month!  You may want to write things down and post them somewhere visible, because chances are high that things will get lost in the mental fog that gets kicked up in this planetary combo’s wake.  Lastly, when dealing with others and/or ironing out contractual agreements be sure you’re not just doing things “on a handshake”.  Pay attention to the fine print and avoid wishful thinking, because there is a real possibility with this combo that you might find yourself duped.

Mars will be also be re-activating the Cardinal T-square/Cross during August.  This combination has the potential to be quite volatile so I’m cautioning all of you that the sky will have a “hair-trigger” this month.  Be extra careful, avoid rash and impulsive behavior, and tread lightly around others.  Spoiling for a fight is ill-advised under a sky like this – don’t go looking for trouble, because if you do you’ll most certainly find it and it won’t be pretty.  I don’t mean to scare anyone by saying this, it’s just that I want everybody to be safe and to do whatever they can to keep situations from escalating and getting out of hand because this isn’t a planetary combination you’ll want to provoke if you can avoid it.  If you’re in a relationship that involves domestic abuse, I would strongly advise you to be very, very careful this month and do whatever you can to keep yourself safe. 

Matters on the home front will also be very active this month and hold the potential to be explosive.  Mars – the planet setting this formation off – will be in Cancer (the sign of home and family) and you may find that family conflicts arise during August.  For example, you may find yourself in conflict with your spouse over parenting issues, your kids may be acting up/out, or perhaps you might find yourself quarreling with your own parents. However this plays out for you understand that family members may be feeling touchy, irritable, or defensive and if you know this going in you can hopefully mitigate some of the upset that may occur under such a cross sky!

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Laura Lenhard