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Sacrifice as a Karmic Twist

Let’s talk about one aspect of Sacrifice, in terms of what you would give or give up in return for your heart’s desire (whatever that might be).  Nature abhors a vacuum, and when we take we almost always must offer something back in return.

When a man leaves his family to be with his “true love” or soulmate, we get angry.  When a woman does it, we are horrified … but apparently, this is a price certain individuals are willing to pay for the freedom to move on, unencumbered, with someone new.

When you utter the words, “I’d give anything to have _____” realize what you are saying.  Words have power.  Know too, that you may be asked to give something you’d rather not in exchange for your petition.  We do not always get to choose the price we ultimately pay.

Laura Lenhard