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Discomfort in the New Age

Last month, I received an email from a dear patron (shortened version below) – the questions posed are the same ones I hear very frequently at the shop.  In addition to emails and phone calls, I have a constant flow of the people who come into the shop, wide eyed and shining, who tell me that ”I have just found my “way” and I love ALL of this!  The stones, the crystals, the oils, the energy … ALL of it!” 
Thank you!  And I love you … ALL of you!
Then I find out that in a recent reading(s) they were told that they were absolutely meant to either:  1) Be a “healer”; 2) Write a book; and/or 3) Open a spiritual center.   I touched on this topic in the April 2010 newsletter (  And before I go on, let me say for the record I truly believe everyone has intuitive gifts and talents, everyone is meant to be a healer, and everyone has a great book inside – just waiting to be written!  
Hi Laura,
I really enjoy the newsletters!  Perhaps you can help guide me to the right path.  Since I was 5, I have seen and heard the other side.  The past few years I have lost the fear of it and accepted it as a gift.  I have also seen very bad things, I am highly empathetic.  After many years of working at a career which had become toxic, I finally left.  I have been writing and love it, first book published.  But there is something off, I am still stuck. Can’t seem to get to the next rung on the ladder. Financially, emotionally and physically.  I meditate and hear “Them” say all the time I am not utilizing my gift and until I do what I was sent here to do, I will stay stuck in the mud.
I want to further this gift now. Hone it in, learn more about it and where I fit in this world.  I see, hear and feel them, their death at times also. I have learned to say NO and boundaries.  Where do I begin?  Of course, most think I am nuts til I see a spirit around them and they freak.  Activity is very strong in my house.   It can be BUSY!
So, after all of this, do you have any suggestions?  Classes, good teachers, mentors?  It is so powerful that it can be frightening.  Any insight is greatly welcomed.  Thank you.
First – I hear you on many levels.  I have friends who are profound healers who regularly “blow out” their microwave ovens, short circuit electronics, etc.  This  is frustrating (and costly!) but speaks to the need to learn to ground one’s self.   Start by wearing hematite – at least a ring, and possibly a pendant as well.  Become more conscious of the soles of your feet – literally, FEEL (through sensing) the bottoms of your feet and push energy down your legs and to the tips of your toes.  Do this exercise several times a day – it really helps.  Most women “live” above their solar plexis, many do not move energy actively into the lower extremities.  Keep a glass of clear tap water by your bed every night, tossing it out your front door each morning.  Refill each evening.  This helps you rest without energies interrupting your sleep.  Keeping a dish of plain sea salt on your nightstand helps too.  If you would like more instructions on clearing, email me at  and request clearing and salt information sheets and I will forward them.      
I hear the other questions you ask from people coming into the shop at least once a day, I swear to you. So many people are exhausted and miserable from working all day in unnatural settings (flourescent lights, in front of screens, against one’s natural internal “clock”) doing tasks that leave them unfulfilled – pushing paper, feeling like a cog in a wheel.  And then one day they “awaken” either gradually or suddenly and ACT on it … get Reiki training, meet with intutives/mediums, start meditating, journaling, yoga, dietary changes to an organic lifestyle … which leads them to know they are not living correctly.  Which serves to add to their feeling of discontent.
But of course … we must pay our bills.  And for almost all of us, that requires a paycheck.  The question left hanging (often unspoken but insinuated) is “how do I make this pay?”  And the problem is, we are trying to incorporate non-worldly talents and gifts into our current worldly dynamic of employment = cash income.  In the “olden days” we did not use currency but rather we bartered – someone would come to your home with fresh bread or a dozen eggs; and you’d spend a pleasant afternoon together in the kitchen conversing and healing or channeling or whatever.  No money would exchange hands.  Well, I am one of those people who believe we will go back to a form of living this way, it is slowly happening now, but we are not there yet.  
And that means that we still must find a way to earn cash money while we are waiting for the great Change/Shift to take place.  But I have to add, while the “change” is occurring people are not going to be very apt to want a reading or to chat with their beloved dead … most will be trying to forage for food when the supermarkets run out – or find medicines for their sick children – or a means to travel to a new/safer place to live.  Falling asleep won’t be a big problem when most people are truly physically exhausted. 
In other words … it won’t be pretty.  Most of us are NOT set up for long-term sustained living in terms of gardens, fruit trees, livestock, etc.
So there are two ways to approach this:  One, figure out what jobs ARE out there NOW which you can do – and do without going crazy.  Receptionist, office work, bank teller, medical field, automotive repair, computer services, electrician, plumber, hairdresser, mortician … whatever!!!  There is no job that is not enhanced when you tie it into energy work — a hairdresser can quietly channel healing as she is cutting hair; someone in food services can charge the meals they prepare with positive energy.  We MUST get rid of the headset (where ever it came from, I don’t know) that we can only heal if there is an “exchange” of energy and that the exchange must be a form of currency.  
If all else fails, think of it as “practice” … because we like to think of ourselves as “prac-titioners”, right?
Then it’s time to figure out what skillsets WILL BE needed – carpentry, herbalist, dentist, midwifery, animal husbandry, spinning/weaving, well digging, outhouse building … put your intuitive gifts to work for YOU, and NOW — SEE what is to come.  It may be macabre, but people will always die and someone must bury the dead.  So, there will always be a need for casket builders and grave diggers (my great-grandfather Thomas McGlynn was one).  Yes, someone may be needed to counsel the mourning … but some able-bodied person must definitely engage in the hard work of digging a six foot hole by hand!  Do you know how to butcher and clean even a fish to eat?  CAN you fish?  Can you wild-forage where you live for a plant-based meal?  If you are a vegetarian – do you have a garden that will sustain you?  Think your property is too small?  Think again – and read this: and read this:

Ask your angels/guides where your talents can best serve a population and what you need to learn or acquire (for example, digging tools if you are going to dowse for underground water and dig wells).  There will be lots and lots of hard, physical work for EVERYONE but the very young and very old to do.  We can start NOW by getting physically fit and healthy – and get off prescription drugs that won’t be available should the system fail.  And again – if you are asking, YES, I believe it will fail.  One day, probably without warning, the pharmacy will not be open … and if someone is on meds, what will they do?  I am very concerned about the need for antibiotics – a child’s earache can go from uncomfortable to agonizing very quickly without them.  Ditto a tooth or sinus infection.  I am a naturopath, but the ONE time I got a sinus infection I quickly went to the doctor – if one had not been available, I would have been searching for an axe and a way to chop my own head off.  It hurt THAT bad.  I am currently researching colloidal silver, which apparently serves as an antibiotic and can be made fairly easily at home.  That’s the sort of practical application of “crafting” I am talking about.  Learn more at
If you are asking how our current social system might fail – something as simple as a strong CME (coronal mass ejection) from the sun could actually knock out our power grids by frying them utterly.  It has happened before and we are just beginning a peak in the sun’s own storm cycle.  A strong earthquake along the New Madrid fault line (which is steadily experiencing increased activity) would rip apart pipelines and cause explosions that would nearly rip our country in two, destroying highways that connect the coasts and make travel/shipments from one side to the other nearly impossible.  And this is NOT science fiction – it is fact.  Talisman’s December 2012 newsletter provides background at   If I ever hear of pending danger in terms of a natural catastrophic event or man-made one … I WILL use my shop’s newsletter and this blog to alert as many people as possible.  And I pray it never comes to that.

People used to drink seasonal homemade “tonics” rather than take vitamin pills — but you need a working knowledge of herbology and a little chemistry to make these correctly.  Upon reflection, you can see how intuitive gifts used to play their part into the everyday lives of people “back in the day”.   My grandfather came from Alabama – they always planted crops based on the phases of the moon.  In an agrarian society – which is everything our current living situation is NOT – you would put your intuitive “gifts” to work almost every day — to determine where the herds are, for hunting – where the wild herbs are, for medicines or cooking – etc.   And what we call “mediumship” was known as “ancestor work” because you would call on the wisdom of the elders to know what to do next.  We have come to learn now what everyone knew back then — our beloved dead never leave us, and continue working on our behalf long after they’ve left this earth.  And I truly believe they are coming through STRONG to remind us they are there, so we won’t give up hope and believe all is lost when we are staring down at some pretty grim realities. 
So in closing, I think most of us remain challenged to continue working inwardly – to determine how we, as individuals, will bridge the gap from the current world situation and its needs … to the next.  This will require practical spirituality, for the emotionally strong.  All hands on deck, everyone will be needed and each person’s individual talents will be appreciated and utilized.  I think everyone who reads my newsletters regularly is well aware that at Talisman, we DON’T recommend multiple readings, we DON’T set ourselves up as “all knowing” or possessing any talent that cannot be shared or taught – and we try, hard, to teach and share!  But there is no single person out there who can tell you exactly how to “find” your higher calling – you must live it.  Heed your own calling … what beckons you, at a soul level?  What is it that you DO that when you are doing it … you feel utterly comfortable and right with the world?  There … THAT thing, that’s the one. Develop THAT!
And lastly, this two-minute video is just too cool not to share – I love how evolution is combined with images of Creator, which is exactly what I was taught by the nuns in California (LOVED them!).  I remember raising my hand and asking how the earth could have been created in seven days’ time when the dinosaurs were here for MILLIONS of years before humans?  Sister Marie answered, “Laura, we don’t know exactly how long a “God Day” would have lasted – each day might have been a billion years long!  The Earth is constantly changing and evolving, and so are all its creatures. Even humans are evolving – we have gotten much taller since the 1700’s for example …”.  Wasn’t that a great answer?  I’ve never forgotten Sister Marie, she always took time to answer my questions (Heaven bless her, I had many!)

Laura Lenhard