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Child Rearing Within Our Current Reality: Welcome to a Colorful New World!


I adore children and have four of my own (ages 20 through 9) so I designed Talisman (my new-age shop) to be child-friendly for my patrons.  I placed the tumbled stone displays low enough for little hands to touch and provide puzzles, books and toys to occupy them so mama can shop.  Throughout the six years the shop has been open, I have never seen a child suffer a breakdown or actually break anything … in fact, many parents have stood open-mouthed as their “ADHD” child calmly perused the place asking intelligent questions in a very grown-up manner.

I took a dim view of the TV Show “Psychic Kids” as I don’t believe a child under the age of 14 needs to be doing any metaphysical work other than meditation.  I am particularly unamused when I am told of “readers” (psychics, mediums, whatever) who breathlessly inform a parent that their child is clearly powerful and needs to learn to channel their abilities since their substantial “gifts” are part of their life’s mission in healing and helping others.  It’s true, but there is an awful lot of ego in the word “powerful” and I don’t like it.  Soon after this all-important revelation those same parents march into the shop and excitedly relay the story – and want to know how to go about the whole “channel and work with the abilities” thing; as well as how to help their child overcome his or her natural fear of the supernatural entities, shadows and/or spirits they are attracting so this all-important life’s work can begin?

First, understand one thing:  ALL children – yours, mine and everyone else’s – are special and gifted.  I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I see at least a dozen concerned parents every week at the shop and get an additional dozen or more phone calls and emails, asking me about nightmares, night terrors, and spirit activity.  It is epidemic.  And to be fair, most of you do not want your child to be the next “Long Island Medium” (thank the goddess!) you just want to return to a normal life.  Okay, but it’s time to get used to a new version of “normal” as that’s now a highly subjective word!

Please recognize that it is not just the children but also YOU, dear parents, who are special.  There is much confusion as to the popular new-age terms for the generations of born and yet-to-arrive children – and adults.   The definitions of “Indigo,” “Crystal” and “Rainbow” were given as they describe aura colors:   Indigo Children have a lot of indigo blue in their auras; The Crystal Children have opalescent auras and Rainbow Children radiate rainbow energy.

Many of us parents are among the first wave of Indigo Children, who began to show up after WWII.  The children born between the 1970s and 1993 are second-wave Warrior Indigos – who came in to pave the way for the Ascension process and shake up the establishment.  Indigos are protectors, activists, and rescuers who get bored easily and have a hard time sitting still.  The education system continues to be challenged by these kids who cannot be taught in a regimented manner.  Another system that is being challenged by Indigos is the current medical system, which is misdiagnosing thousands of children with ADD/ADHD and medicating them into submission.  And it is the Indigos who have given birth to the next generation – the Crystal Children.

The Crystal Children have come in between 1993 – 2013 and they are here to show the way to peace and acceptance.  The Crystals born after 2000 arrived fully attuned.   Crystals love water, animals, plants, nature, and rocks.  They are generous, highly affectionate and forgiving.  They are also extremely sensitive to everything in their environment including negative emotions, chemicals, foods, vaccinations, drugs, sound and color.  They are often misdiagnosed as Autistic.  Crystals tend to communicate with their parents telepathically (sometimes, even before birth).  It is not uncommon for Crystals to not speak until the age of three or four.  They love to cuddle, and have an intuitive understanding of spirituality and energy healing.

The first of the Rainbow Children arrived in 2000 but really these children borne of the Crystals are just coming in (2012).  These are very advanced souls who are constantly smiling; they are fully attuned at birth and can manifest almost at will anything they desire.  Rainbows are completely fearless and all about service to others.  They are advanced healers who often choose a vegetarian diet at an early age as they hate to be a cause of pain or suffering.  They are born on the ninth dimension of consciousness, the dimension of collective consciousness.  We have so much to learn from them!

Lastly, we have the Star Children (Starseeds) living among us.  These individuals have DNA which became intermixed with intergalactic travelers very long ago.  These children often have telekinetic abilities – so if something is missing, calmly ask your child where it might be before tearing the house apart!  Their life purpose is to help others however they can.  They have very little tolerance for dishonesty and violence.  Because they lack “coping skills” they are often mislabeled with psychiatric/personality disorders.  They are often very small or slight in stature (what you might call “boney” looking, especially their hands).  Naturally, Starseeds are fascinated by the stars and constellations.  While I have only met a couple of these individuals, you cannot mistake what they are because once they trust you, they confide their deepest secret:  That they know, deep down, that they aren’t from this planet. They often spend their lives feeling like they don’t belong here.  One young Starseed told me that ever since she could remember, she had looked up into the starry night sky and prayed that her “real” family would come back for her soon.  Her obvious distress moved me to tears.

The ability to see “beyond the veil” and know spirits, angels, elementals, entities and even extra-terrestrials as reality is a state of being in which ALL of the Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows and Starseeds must learn to live comfortably.  Outlined below are some coping mechanisms:

1)   At night, a glass of plain water next to the bed helps keep negative energies at bay while sleeping.  In the morning, note how “bubbly” the water is before tossing it out the front door.  Replace with fresh water each night until the water is clear (no bubbles) in the morning.  Water attracts energy of all kinds, which is why so many of us have metaphysical experiences while in the bathroom!

2)   Spend lots of time outside, enjoying nature.   Practice quieting your minds together, the basis of meditation.  Clear, calm and center.

3)   If you or your child picks up the energy of others too easily (this is called being an “empath”) wear a natural stone pendant such as smoky quartz or black tourmaline over the heart chakra to protect it.  Avoid crowds when possible.

4)   Recreational drugs (including alcohol) are a huge no-no.  Research vaccinations and how they are administered.  Medication in general does much more harm than good unless you are treating a chronic condition.  Instead, look to naturopathic and homeopathic remedies.  Flower essences work well.

5)   Keep television sets out of the bedroom, period.  Even when they are turned off, they release energy which doesn’t allow a sleeping mind to fully rest.  Ditto, limit video games – it is because their minds pick up on frequencies so easily that they get too comfortable in front of a screen so set FIRM limits!

Growing up in a family where dreams were discussed over the breakfast table and intuitive gifts were celebrated and not feared made my life much easier.  However, we knew to keep our thoughts and experiences to ourselves, and only share with our closest friends and family.  There is nothing wrong with keeping these matters private, as being “special” isn’t a blessing to an adolescent who doesn’t want to stand out but rather to blend in.  In other words, even if you are excited because all this is new to you – don’t embarrass your kid!

Remembering that I am talking about the parents as well as the children, please don’t hyper-focus on abilities and “powers” – but rather nurture yourselves and your offspring by creating an environment free of toxins and filled with loving compassion.   Stop worrying about the future and maintain a healthy foundation knowing that we will step seamlessly into our life’s spiritual mission of activist, healer, protector, and/or warrior when the time and need arises.

Laura Lenhard