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Dealing With Uncharted Territory


Many years ago when I began in earnest to study the earth changes relative to prophecy, as well as the mass awakening as relates both to spirituality AND conspiracy theory (Illuminati, New World Order and the like) I really found myself in a quandary. Hard to put a positive spin on GMOs, toxic chemicals, Senate privilege (so they can engage in “insider trading” legally now? Wow!) all sanctioned by our government.  Hard to be positive in the face of continued oil drilling, nuclear expansion, frackking – watching as our Earth becomes ever more polluted in the name of “resource development”.   All this happening while the global elite continue to gamble with the financial security of our country!  Of the world!

But I’m also tired of rehashing and recycling information – as the prophecies, solar storms, and pole shifts have all been done to death. Likewise, the enlightenment process, ascension, mass awakening – not much new to say here, either.

So … let’s talk about uncharted territory, shall we?

Over the past seven years, I have created and grown a business I am proud of.  Talisman was created, not copied, and I run my shop the way I live my life – unconventionally. I’ve never adhered to a “business is business” mentality, mainly because I am primarily in the business of spirituality. I have been blessed with the ability to meet a new person and within five minutes see through to their strengths and weaknesses in order to offer them a glass of that sweet lemonade, along with a safe place to work through the trials and tribulations that life throws their way. Talisman’s patrons are a gift – I learn so much from all of you.   I strive to see the positive in every situation while validating the severity of real problems many of you must contend with, and continue to work through.

So to all of you exceptional, amazing people – I would be doing you a disservice if I wasn’t honest about my feelings and ideas concerning these remarkable but unstable times.  Not very “Pollyanna” of me, but we all woke up today with our world intact, so there is still time to make necessary changes. Fear to make the change will only hold you in place. And whether we make decisions assertively or passively accept whatever life throws our way, we still must deal with consequences. Some of this is simple: If you don’t feel right about what you are doing, then it isn’t right. If you hate your job, then you hate your job. If your relationship isn’t working, then it isn’t working.  Only you can make these changes and no amount of “psychic readings” are going to change the issues and problems you face unless you are willing to do the work.  My advice is to learn quickly and remove negative thoughts and those aspects of your life that you do have control over, because over these next few years we will be moving fast-forward into vast environmental, financial and spiritual crises the likes of which the world has never seen before.  Consider yourself validated, but know that the choices that we make are entirely our own – and no one else’s.  The World is under severe pressure that is much larger than some of these smaller problems.  And folks, rest assured … THESE are the good old days!

Planning and visioning are part of manifestation – but in the end, we will do what we must do, and go where we are meant to go. We always live our fate, but not always our destiny – mainly because we choose to engage in self destructive behaviors which are certainly not in tandem with Divine Will. This is true both on a personal and collective basis – again, “we the people” are dealing with the devastation caused by the manipulative, selfish behaviors of those who we have allowed to make the rules.  We can collectively choose to passively accept this as our reality, or we can fight for change.  Our choice.  But the tired old line “oh, I am only one person there is nothing I can do” isn’t going to cut it anymore.  Honestly, it never really did.

Time to choose a side and make a stand. Why settle for what fate has in store for you? Life is so much more when we embrace and move bravely into our destiny!  Because I believe in reincarnation, I believe we actually chose to be born to be here NOW, bringing the knowledge and experience of past lives with us so we might live into not only our own destiny but also have the ability to affect the destiny of humanity as a collective whole. Yes, we are the ones we have been waiting for. These are epic times, and our involvement is crucial – the word “exciting” does not even BEGIN to cover it!

I’ve said it before, now let me say it again:  Magick or energy manipulation of any kind will not serve us if we are not working for our own higher good and/or the higher good of the whole. Mind you, I am not saying it won’t “work” what I’m saying is that it won’t serve you. There is a difference. Make no bones about it – I am no fan of “The Secret” because when you ask for something over and over again, perseverating on an outcome and focusing and refining your vision board again and again, or light candle after candle … do you think that maybe the Universe knows that what you are asking for doesn’t serve your higher good? Do you think our Spiritual Mother and Father/Goddess and God cannot hear you? Or do you simply think that YOU know, better than they, what is best for you? Hmmmm ??? You can behave like a petulant child or you can graciously ask once – and let it go.

Realize that it is not a failure when something it is not meant to be. It is a fork in the road.  And honestly, I believe that all that really matters is that we not stop moving forward, past the negative and choosing instead to rise above and soar. Don’t you agree?


Laura Lenhard