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Full Moon in Cancer: Christmas Eve, Day & Day After

  This is a little “public service” announcement. While a full moon in Cancer is generally quite benign, falling on Christmas Day (and thus affecting us emotionally the day before, of and day

Do Demons Exist? (to be continued)

  I was in a private group chat a few days ago and one of the questions posed was whether or not demons exist.  I had some random thoughts and my own beliefs on the topic, but no definitive answer.

Just Keep Swimming …

My shop, Talisman, has been busy and the readings are (as we say) “off the hook” with people grappling with loss, loss and more loss.  Relationships falling apart, toxic work environments, chronic
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It Really DOESN’T Take A Rocket Scientist, Sometimes

It’s a beautiful summer night, and at 4:30am I stepped out onto the deck to watch the  Perseid Meteor Shower. Gazing up, got lost in the stars.  No meteors, but I found myself wishing a passing

Peace Out. Seriously.

So I was meandering through Facebook Land a few days ago, and I came across a very uncharacteristic post written by someone I actually like and respect very much.  To sum it up, it all began with a

Blood in the Water – and the Sharks are Circling

  When I was a little girl, I remember being fascinated by a large antique oil painting hanging in a house I was visiting.  It depicted a sinking wooden sailing vessel, and sailors in the water
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Marriage & The Art of (Business) Partnership

  From time to time, I have been known to make the statement “Marriage is a business deal” and inspire the wrath of someone within listening range.  “How can you say that!” they exclaim
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Cows Don’t Fly (but they’re still cool)

Below is an excerpt from this amazing well-written piece by Astrologer David Palmer (“The Leo King”) but first I want to say this: A lot of “new age” philosophy begins and ends around the premise that

Fire Pot Cleansing

  On May 26th I was interviewed by Rev. Patricia Brooks on her blog radio show “Sacred Stories.”   The link to the show is –  During
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Is Your House In Order?

  Saturn will be dipping back into Scorpio on June 17 for a retrograde period that will last until September 17 – but like all retrogrades, we begin to feel the effects before the actual dates