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Bayberry Candles

  My grandmother, Lillian McGlynn, ALWAYS burned a bayberry candle on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  The Legend goes as follows:  A Bayberry Candle burned to the socket brings Luck to the

Pantry Folkmagick

  Note:  Used with permission – Sarah Anne Lawless The beauty of folk magick is that it is practical magick.  Don’t have an obscure magickal herb for a spell? No worries, find something already

Child Rearing Within Our Current Reality: Welcome to a Colorful New World!

I adore children and have four of my own (ages 20 through 9) so I designed Talisman (my new-age shop) to be child-friendly for my patrons.  I placed the tumbled stone displays low enough for little

The Pagan Roots of Halloween

I want to delve into the roots and meanings of Samhain (aka “Halloween”) which is possibly the most beloved and yet misunderstood of all the Pagan Sabbats.   To begin – Sabbats are celebrations within

Uses for Magickal Oils

  My last post talked about candles and I want to follow that up by discussing the use of oils.  We carry three different types of oils at Talisman – annointing or ritual oils, essential oils,

Candle Magick

 We sell an inordinate number of candles at Talisman – in fact, I often leave a stocked shop on Saturday, only to come back on Wednesday to find our supply nearly depleted (come to think of it – what

Discomfort in the New Age

Last month, I received an email from a dear patron (shortened version below) – the questions posed are the same ones I hear very frequently at the shop.  In addition to emails and phone calls, I have

2012 Phenomenon: Series of Articles #2

These are truly epic times!  Over the past few months, it’s been rare for a day to go by when someone doesn’t ask “So, Laura – what do you think will happen on December 21, 2012?  Is it the end of the

2012 Series of Articles #1

I have decided that between now and December 21, 2012 (and if the Gods allow – afterward!) I am going to feature unique writing on these phenomenal times, both my own and by others.  Philosophers,

Are You In? The New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio

There’s a New Moon, solar eclipse coming up on November 13th (at 21 degrees Scorpio). The energy will be intense. Because….well, because it’s Scorpio. What do you do with a New Moon eclipse? You set