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Author: Laura Lenhard

Are You In? The New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio

There’s a New Moon, solar eclipse coming up on November 13th (at 21 degrees Scorpio). The energy will be intense. Because….well, because it’s Scorpio. What do you do with a New Moon eclipse? You set

Halloween Time at Last!

Merry Samhain Greetings!  Ooooh boy, here we are – it’s October, and Halloween is coming at last!  Samhain is perhaps the most widely recognized of the pagan festivals, celebrated by pagan and

The Legend of the Holey Stone

Holey stones are known by a variety of names;  Holed stone, Odin Stone, Crick Stone, Hag Stone, Fairy Stone and Witches Amulet.  A holed stone, or holey stone, is any rock with a weathered/eroded hole

Every Once in a Blue Moon …

We have a glorious Full Blue Moon shining brightly as I write this (note that the full moon cycle runs the day before and day after the official date of Friday, August 31).   A blue moon does not

Breaking Negativity – The Salt Bath

Salt has been called “The Tears of God” and with good reason, as it is one of the purest substances on earth.  Negativity cannot adhere to salt – therefore it is ideal for clearing/cleansing ones’

Pendulum Divination

Pendulums are among the most popular divination tool because they answer a clear “yes” or “no” rather than offering options and possibilities.  They are certainly one of the best-selling items at my

The God

Neopagans and Wiccans often focus on the Goddess, in part to bring balance to our patriarchal society.  But it would be a mistake to ignore or diminish the very real power of the Masculine Divine.  I

Astrology and Human Evolution

“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson I couldn’t resist posting below the latest astrological/prophetic writing by Lasha of Mystic Stars (   It

The Goddess

In many instances, women and men who had suffered abuse as children (particularly at the hands of grown men) are often initially drawn to Wicca because it felt more comfortable or “safe” to

Super Moon is Here!

HUGE Super Flower Moon This Weekend! See it Saturday Night May 5th: This full Mo…on is a “Super Moon,” 27,000 miles closer to earth! Which means it will be very big & bright! Perigee Moon