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My Dear, You Don’t Need A Psychic – You Need A Psychologist

  It is fairly rare, but earlier today I refused to intuitively “Read” someone because I was almost 100% certain they were having a psychiatric break.  And while psychic or metaphysical

Defense Against The Dark Arts 101

  It was years ago, but do you remember that famous episode on Oprah, where parents allowed their children to be “tempted” on camera to see if they’d get in a car or van with a stranger? And

Patron of the Shop asks “Why Do I Keep Attracting All The Weirdo Wackadoodles?”

  “IS it just me” she asked “Or something in the air or the full moon … WHAT?  Because they just keep coming!” Last night’s Full Moon in Scorpio coupled with a Mars Retrograde, also in Scorpio,
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Mars Retrograde: Viva la (Internal) Revolution!

“To have self-determination in a world that was built upon our demise is no small feat.  A Mars retrograde, like the one we are embarking upon from April 17th to June 29th, is an invitation to deepen
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Candle Magick

We sell an inordinate number of candles at Talisman and in fact, I often leave a stocked shop on Sunday, only to come back on Wednesday to find our supply nearly depleted (come to think of it – what

We Are Loving Tangerine Quartz!

  I have been working with my quartz crystal supplier, Nathan, for several years now.  He and his sister own two mines in Minas Gerais, Brazil.  In addition to wonderful spheres, crystal skulls

So, I Was Told I’m A Healer – Now, How Do I Do That?

This utterly resonates with me. I’m so tired of dealing with the by-products of OTHER “spiritual” folk who proclaim someone to be an Empath, a Healer, a Teacher, One Who Shall Write A Great Book …
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Who is seeing Ghosts/Spirits out there?

Every day at Talisman, at least one or two people come in to talk about seeing ghosts or spirits. Half of these come to talk about their CHILDREN who are seeing/hearing them. Well, here is my take on