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Mermaids and Sailors

I wrote a typically Piscean text to an Aquarius friend last night, saving it as a draft so I could re-read before sending.  The underlying message was “why are you not respecting me?” and I chose to
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Blood Moon Tetrad: Change Your Path, Change Your Outlook

Sharing – written by  DONNA WOODWELL APRIL 14, 2014 05:20 PM EST Blood Moon! It’s such an ominous sounding name. You may wonder what it means for you! A blood Moon is just another name for a total
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The Unfamiliar Familiar

  The familiar as an animal companion to a witch is a dominant theme in the history of witchcraft.  For many, when one mentions a “Witch’s Familiar” an image of a black cat springs directly to mind. 
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Dealing With Uncharted Territory

Many years ago when I began in earnest to study the earth changes relative to prophecy, as well as the mass awakening as relates both to spirituality AND conspiracy theory (Illuminati, New World Order
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Freedom of Religion in Correctional Institutions – Where Are We Going Wrong?

  Hekate is a goddess of psychological transformation. Her Underworld is the dark recesses of the human subconscious as well at that of the Cosmos. Many have accused her of sending demons to
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Psychic Readings 101

January is a HUGE month for Readings – what we at Talisman call “Intuitive Counseling Sessions” – usually just to have a little heads-up on what to expect in the upcoming year, or reassurance that we
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Bayberry Candles

  My grandmother, Lillian McGlynn, ALWAYS burned a bayberry candle on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  The Legend goes as follows:  A Bayberry Candle burned to the socket brings Luck to the
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Pantry Folkmagick

  Note:  Used with permission – Sarah Anne Lawless The beauty of folk magick is that it is practical magick.  Don’t have an obscure magickal herb for a spell? No worries, find something already
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