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Fire Pot Cleansing

  On May 26th I was interviewed by Rev. Patricia Brooks on her blog radio show “Sacred Stories.”   The link to the show is –  During
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Is Your House In Order?

  Saturn will be dipping back into Scorpio on June 17 for a retrograde period that will last until September 17 – but like all retrogrades, we begin to feel the effects before the actual dates
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Where is YOUR Shadow Hiding, Hmmm???

I was recently talking with someone (in a Reading) about elements of one’s personality shining through via their astrological natal chart.  Now, looking at one’s own birth chart – it’s hard to be

Why don’t Psychics See It ALL?

Remember Bazooka bubble gum, and the funny ads that used to be part of the wrapper?   I was recently asked a question which brought to mind the “X-Ray Glasses” you could send for.  I was asked how, if

In Praise of House Fairies

Having recently moved from a house on two acres into a condo, I satisfied my gardening urges (for the moment) by creating an indoor fairy garden out of an old aquarium this afternoon.  Indoor trees

What the Heck IS Mercury Retrograde? Part 1 of 2

“Mercury is in Retrograde” has become, in my opinion, one of the most oft-used and misinterpreted of all the astrological catch phrases, almost as trite as “What’s Your Sign?” in the conversational
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What the Heck IS Mercury Retrograde? Part 2 of 2

In Part One of this Blog Post, I illustrate why the phrase “Mercury is Retrograde” is used incorrectly and misunderstood.  Another reason for this is that most people do not understand the basics of

What Cost To Save Your Life?

Right on the cover, under the title, author Bruce Grierson of the book U-Turn asks the question “What if you woke up one morning and realized you were living the wrong life?” Socrates said “An