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And We Though Our Referees Were Bad: Ref Holds His Own, Then Runs For His Life From Angry Mob In Soccer Match


In light of a meeting I attended this week for my local men’s league, the Amateur Soccer League of CT (ASL-CT), in which referees were a major talking point, I want to share this YouTube video I found on the Yahoo! soccer blog, Dirty Tackle, of an Argentine 5th division match.

After calling a foul for the White and Green team and awarding a yellow card to the guilty player, the ref must’ve heard something he didn’t like. He ran over to a player on the team of which he awarded the free kick and promptly tried to give him a red card. Before the ref could pull the card, the new culprit pushed the ref. The ref, not backing down, pushed, shoved, and punched at the player.

Ovbiously, the ref should avoid fighting players. Why? Well, aside from it going against his obligation to remain unbiased and objective, he doesn’t have a slew of buddies craving revenge. Over the next 20 second or so, the ref gets assaulted by about a dozen players and coaches before making a beeline for the parking lot.

This is where the video gets great however, as the ref isn’t out of the woods yet. Fans can be seen folling him and circling the field in an attempt to cut him off. Imagine how scary this would be for the ref. Seriously, No less than 50 people were chasing him. If and when they caught him i guarantee you that they wouldn’t have talked it out.

And we thought the players in our league were tough. And we thought our refs were bad. I got news for you, we obviously haven’t seen anything yet.

Oh, and the ref appeared to get away when he jumped a fence Wesley Snipes in U.S. Marshall style and saved his soon-to-be-short life.

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