Video of how I voted on absentee ballot in Greenwich elections

My apologies to Leslie Tarkington for my error in the above video tape when I said there was only one woman on the ticket for the BET.

I did not vote for either first selectman candidates. Blankley is a total non starter. He seems to be making up his campaign platform on the fly. His knee-jerk reaction to Sid Freund’s reaction was amateurish. And his claim that he was responsible for MISA is laughable.

On the other hand, Peter Tesei has been managing town affairs by reaction for four years. He is petulant, small-minded and always seems to take the low road – i.e his removal of Frank Farricker from Planning and Zoning and now his ardent campaign against Marianna Ponns Cohen. Meanwhile, Greenwich gets hit with one storm after another, and we seem to be living in the dark – wet and dark while Tesei settles grudges around town. The RTC has a weak leader in Jim Campbell. How else do you explain Peter Tesei as first selectman and Steve Anderson as BOE chair? All we need to complete the Triple Threat is an ineffectual BET chair – and the jury is still out on that. The RTC, as the dominant party in Greenwich, has a responsibility to correct all this after the elections. Make this Tesei’s last term. Get us a new BOE chair. Whatever it takes. Greenwich cannot withstand more of this drive to the bottom. (I voted for David Theis because I think he may be the only adult in the room).


I also did not cast my vote for either Democratic candidate for the BOE. Just when you thought the Dems have hit bottom, they surprise you with more. They are the party in town that just just keeps giving when it comes to ineptitude. I thought by getting rid of the two clownish BOE members, they were going to give us a real choice. Instead we now have the loopy Jennifer Dayton who ends up endorsing two Republicans. I don’t know as much about Adriana Ospina but I am not hopeful. Her long time involvement with the PTA is not a plus. The Greenwich PTA is a booster club and a social hub. It has aided and abetted the decline in schools by not questioning anything the superintendents have done. I do not know of one policy decision made by the administration that was questioned publicly by the PTA.


Someone sent me an email being circulated by former BOE chair Sandy Waters seeking volunteers to carry signs Nov. 8 on behalf of the two BOE candidates endorsed by the machine in Greenwich. That says it all. It is the most cynical message about municipal elections. Unfortunately, it works. In 2009, only 38 percent of the registered voters even bothered to show up in Greenwich. Many of them, like me, were familiar with only one or two of the races. Many of them, I am certain, voted for people they saw on signs carried by friends at the polls or from seeing a name on a sticker. I asked several friends whether they knew for whom they were voting in the BOE race and most had no idea who was even running.

The problem with a democracy is that you can’t always control who will run (or who will not). And you can’t account for the ignorance of the electorate.

BTW, Sandy Waters is the same BOE chair who also had a superintendent whom the town could not keep. I have heard many reasons for why Larry Leverett did not renew his contract. One day, we will get the full story – maybe even written by this blogger.

Lincoln Millstein