Old Greenwich gridlock? Let’s start with UPS, Fed Ex trucks

The Greenwich Time spent a great deal of its pages Sunday reporting on the four-year project soon to come to re-build the rail bridges in Old Greenwich. It raises the specter of tremendous traffic problems in the village.

But there are simple things the town can do to improve OG traffic … like cracking down on the UPS and Fed Ex delivery trucks which park anywhere they please at any time, often in full sight of the Greenwich police.

Here are photos that capture the violations, including one UPS truck that stopped right on West End avenue to deliver his packages with full impunity and total disregard of our traffic rules:

Last may, my car while parked was hit by a Fed Ex truck in front of Arcadia Cafe in Old Greenwich. I had two witnesses. A nice Greenwich officer named Michael Vangrowski attempted to track down the hit and run truck driver. But Fed Ex has a remarkably effective system to complicate such an investigation, They have many divisions – Fed Ex Air, Fed Ex Express, Fed Ex Ground. And they all point fingers at each other. Suffice it to say, the drivers was never found and I had to eat the deductible.

With Dunkin Donuts coming and with the bridge project looming, can’t we do ourselves a favor and crack down on the Fed Ex and UPS thugs?

Lincoln Millstein