Greenwich RTM should postpone MISA funding

As a recovering Greenwich parent, I should sport a bumper sticker that says, “I survived a GHS concert.”

At least that’s what the supporters of the $37 million project to build a fancy concert hall at the high school would have you believe: the current auditorium is so inadequate that forcing our children to perform there is akin to child abuse. Just read the self-referential letter to the editor today from the solipsistic choir director at GHS. OMG, you would think the holding cells at Guantanamo Bay are better.

C’mon people! Thirty-seven million dollars is a lot a money. It’s roughly $4,000 per student in the district. How about we buy each student a laptop, an iPad and give them $2,000 each in cash for private music lessons? (Oh, and BTW, if you believe that the final cost is $37 million, I have some great stock in a company called Enron to sell you.)

Given Greenwich’s penchant for capping capital spending (we’re just cheap, folks), the money for MISA will mean that we won’t be able to invest in some truly deserving projects in the future. Only in Greenwich would we consider spending that kind of money on a high school auditorium while the restrooms in our parks are in Third-World condition and we can’t even take care of our ponds and rivers properly.

The RTM exists as a body to say no to spending hogs like the MISA insurgents. I hope RTM members do their jobs.

Generations of children performed well in that auditorium. They went on to become perfectly well-adjusted adults.

I’m not so sure about their parents.

Lincoln Millstein