Greenwich Tavern, Porricelli’s close their doors; Old Greenwich gets retail makeover

Porricelli’s Market sold its last quart of milk in Old Greenwich today after 60 years. Greenwich Tavern served its last martini last night and will re-open in two weeks as a latino bistro.
I am looking forward to King’s, which has a great reputation in New Jersey as a modern grocer. And the owners of Greenwich Tavern are defaulting to their inner calling as successful purveyors of latin cuisine, such as Sonora in Port Chester and Pacifico in New Haven. Hooray! The new restaurant on the Post Road opposite the Mobil station will open Saturday Sept. 29. I’ll be the first in line. King’s will open on Friday Sept. 28.

Meanwhile, Lisa Eisenman has been busy re-making her half of the former Kerr’s Pharmacy on Sound beach Avenue into a flower shop which also will open in late September. That was also the location of a store called Fred, which enjoyed its 15 minutes of fame in the village before calling it quits. A much-needed bakery is slated to take the other half later this year. OG hasn’t been the same since the closing of Beyond Bread. Looking forward to what the new bakery can offer.

The frozen yogurt shop on lower Sound Beach finally opened. Just in time for winter. Timing is everything. Oh well. We now have three frozen yogurt/ice cream joints, five dry cleaners and the ever superfluous Dunkin Donuts which I have never set foot in … and never will.

We have 10 banks in Cos Cob, five dry cleaners in OG. Does this town have a planning department?

Meanwhile, the colossal, half-built edifice next to Feinsod’s shows no activity; the putrid yellow Tybek insulation blinds me every time I drive by. I tried calling the number posted on the fence, but no one ever answers.

Lastly, Arcadia Cafe appears to be in irons, waiting for the right investors who will buy into its vision. I heard a plan to include a game room in the new restaurant. A game room? No wonder they can’t get investors.

So we beat on …

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Lincoln Millstein

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  1. Mary says:

    I just visited Pacifico in New Haven, sister restaurant to Sonora and the old Greenwich Tavern. It was excellent. Looking toward to the magical transformation soon.

  2. John Dough says:

    DD is a local business, of the franchise variety. Its coffee is superior to either Upper Crust’s or Garden Catering’s. Upper Crust needs to rethink its customer service. Hard to justify standing in line for so long and then have to go somewhere else to get drinkable coffee.

    I suspect the yellow tyvek building owner is wisely waiting until he gets a tenant. Why finish it out and then have to re-do for a specific tenant?

    And please God won’t someone take over the Arcadia space. Too bad the bakery could not wrest that space away from current ownership (same people as Upper Crust), then they could open a combo bake shop/well curated indy bookshop, which I think would do well in OG.

  3. David says:

    I like Upper Crust’s bagels, but their coffee is terrible and their customer service skills and speed of service are awful. The owners need to spend more time there

  4. Bob says:

    The Greenwich Tavern is across from a Shell station. Formerly Mobil but that wouldn’t be a very good landmark now. Personal opinion : the Greenwich Tavern should not be allowed to reopen until it has complied with the address numbering ordinance. They are not the only ones of course.

  5. miriam says:

    No, Robert, the town government doesn’t specify how many banks, dry cleaners, etc. a community can have within its boudaries, but there is a town document called the Plan of Conservation and Development which highly recommends that a community be able to keep its local
    character. Unfortunately, these can only be recommendations, not mandates.

  6. stefanie says:

    i’m with you on DD, Lincoln. who in their right mind would go to Dunkin Donuts when there are two perfectly delicious (& local!) breakfast spots across the street!?!? Garden Catering & Upper Crust are far superior, in my opinion.

  7. clarence says:

    wow, greenwich tavern closing again? isn’t that the third incarnation by the same guys? it was palomino before that.

  8. FF says:

    Fred is reopening in the old “Funhouse” space on the same side of the street. My kids used to love a real toy store, ah change

  9. robert says:

    This writer seems to be not only arrogant but misinformed. A towns planning and zoning department doesn’t determine what businesses open in a specific area. Its the free market and entrepreneurs that determine that. Too many dry cleaners, or banks, and you blame the town? Sounds like an Obama supporter writing this article. Free enterprise and people taking a risk with their money is what creates Greenwich Businesses. Not a planning and Zoning board. P&Z sets the frame work. If there are 50 dry cleaners in OG who cares as long as they are all making money, and people use them. OG is not a planned community, its part of a free enterprise system, businesses can open and operate wherever and whenever they want to provide service or goods to the public. The government doesn’t regulate how many dry cleaners or bagel shops in a specific area.

  10. Angela says:

    What’s your problem with Dunkin Donuts?
    They have great coffee and fresh donuts.

  11. Nicholas D says:

    Apparently Aux Delice is opening the bakery in the old Fred spot in OG