Questionable play-calling dooms Greenwich football team

How cool is it that I was able to watch the Greenwich-Staples game live on my laptop?

If you missed it you may rewind and view the entire game on MSG Varsity online.

From the perspective of the cameras atop Cardinals Stadium, it was a very strange game indeed. Perhaps the Greenwich coaching staff had a different POV from the sidelines. But at least from the view of the Vcast, it appeared that the Greenwich coaches insisted on a game plan which was questionable from the start, attempting a passing game that was hopelessly ineffectual while wasting the enormous talent on this 2012 squad, namely one Alex McMurray, a stud of a high school player who scored three touchdowns and amassed 20 for the season.

I would have given McMurray the ball on every play. Instead, it was one blown passing play after another, and well into the second half, the coaches would not make adjustments even though Staples could not stop the Greenwich ground game. There were many, many opportunities deep into Staples territory where Greenwich decided to throw and ended up 20  yards back from the scrimmage line. The worst possession was just before the half – after Greenwich had executed a stunning goal-line stand. Inexplicably, the Greenwich coaches decided to throw from the end zone. (If no one can hear you screaming into a computer, does it still count as a scream?)

The predictable fiasco which ensued – a Staples interception and touchdown – was the exclamation point on a dreary day.

The Staples coaching staff, meanwhile, suffered no such myopic affliction. They saw that they could run on Greenwich, and so they did – play after play. Touchdown after touchdown.

This was a replay of last year’s game with similar results (Perhaps marching through a season of cupcake opponents inculcates a false view of your team’s true capabilities). Too bad. Staples was big, fast and tough. No doubt about that. But Greenwich had its chances. The decision not to go with your strength was made on the sidelines. The kids deserved better.

Lincoln Millstein