Coming soon to Old Greenwich: Complete gridlock

Recessions have a way of producing some of the worst town planning decisions. Out of desperation, towns and cities allow businesses to occupy prime spaces which in ordinary times would never get

So-so Review of Greenwich restaurant underscores town’s lack of culinary enterprise

When I was asked recently where I would like to dine on my birthday, I could think of only one restaurant in Greenwich: Homestead Inn. Then I thought about all the restaurants in town I’ve sampled

Photos of new retail/apartment building under construction in Old Greenwich

It certainly beats having the eyesore of that old, abandoned gas station occupy the south end of the village of Old Greenwich. But now that the hulking steel frames of a new retail building is

Video of new Apple store at Grand Central

Check out Apple’s new store at the space previously occupied by the restaurant Metrazur at Grand Central …

Greenwich school board member Peter Sherr’s chance to make a difference

The problem with gadflies is, while we know they don’t approve of the status quo, we rarely know what they stand for or what proposed solutions they hold, if any. Gadflies are also uncomfortable

Will Greenwich Democrats seize the opportunity to take charge of school board?

They are like the nerdy kids in high school who cow under the shadows of the popular kids. The popular kids in this case would be the brawny Republicans, who have run Greenwich since when Andrew

An inconvenient truth about Greenwich public schools

Now that the Townies have vanquished the evil queen and returned control of the school board to the boosters eager to restore the alternative reality of Greenwich, we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

Finally, 2011 boating season ends in Greenwich

Sunday was the last day for boats to be hauled out at Greenwich Cove and the last day for launch service at Old Greenwich Yacht Club. I couldn’t have been more grateful for this season to end. As if