It’s a Doggie Dog World

I received a few comments from my last blog regarding great hotdogs.  I decided to check out a few dog hot spots. In Westport, I know you can get a great dog at Swanky’s, Five Guy’s, and Jr’s and now Shake Shack.  I must say the dogs rate in that exact order in my opinion, with Swanky’s the best followed by a close second to Five Guys.  I love how Five Guys splits them and puts them on a burger roll.  Fairfield has some tough competitors with Super Duper Weenie, Flip Side, Rawley’s and Dutchess, again in that order!!!!  Oh, and if you are willing to drive a little bit, one of my favorite’s is Pat’s Hubba Hubba in Stamford.  OMG with that Chili!  Mind-blowing good!  Please note:  We are not talking about dirty water dogs.  These delicious puppies are grilled to perfection.  Hey, if I have forgotten some delicious dog shack please let me know!