Sono Bakery Coming to Westport

The Sono Bakery Company & Cafe is coming to Westport! According to the Sono Baking Company & Cafe website, John Barricelli (who worked with a former Westporter, Martha Stewart) had a vision of creating artisian breads, top quality French-style pastries and specialty cakes in a homey inviting Bakery/cafe. John turned his dream into reality renovating a 3600 sq ft former warehouse in South Norwalk, CT. The beautiful upscale Cafe boasts an open kitchen and bakery, providing a mouth watering aroma of fresh baked breads and cakes and pastries.

Currently, The Sono Bakery has a little Satellite located at A&J’s Old Fashion Farm Stand, 1680 Post Road East. A&J’s is open all year. They specialize in locally grown produce, Awesome Corn and Tomatoes!!!! Plants, I get my Christmas Tree there! and now Fresh Baked Goods from The Sono Bakery!!!!!

Rumor has it Sono Bakery is looking for a place of its own, will it be Where Doc’s Cafe is? the old Laura Bazante Salon? or perhaps down town main Street area? where?? time will tell.