Halloween Postponed in Westport??????

Goblins, ghosts and the parents of any children attending the Westport Schools receive and email yesterday from the office of Emergency Management of the Town of Westport strongly urging that Trick or Treating be postponed to this Sarurday November 5th because of significant safety risks among certain of our roads and sidewalks due to the freaky October snow storm and power outages.

As a mother of two very excited children who were foaming at the mouth to go the beach and enjoy our traditional Halloween trick or treating I was frankly a little annoyed at the thought that my Town was cancelling Halloween! It’s like Santa NOT coming on Christmas! I realize parts of our town had no electricity, yet the beach area was fine. So after several calls to friends and neighbors, we all decided not to be sheep! We went to the beach. Almost every house was open and participating in most children’s favorite holiday. Above are pictures of an awesome house on Danbury Road that does Halloween right!
The kids are crazy over a chance to double dip this Halloween Saturday… I can’t blame them.