33rd Annual Pequot Turkey Trot

This year was my ( not to date myself) but I actually think it was my 24 or 25th turkey trot!!!! This year as per normal, I ran with my bff! We were reminiscing about Turkey Trots in the past, coming in under 36 minutes. This year we came in at 48 minutes, not bad for two old ladies! Actually the Turkey Trot has gotten so popular there are thousands of people young and old. Its almost impossible to run the first mile under 10 minutes unless you are way up front. (which we weren’t) our first mile was 13:40 something pleezzz!!!! Its pretty humbling to have a nine year old fly by you as well ugh! My daughter and her bff ran as well and I must say they both did fantastic!! I was really impressed. My daughter’s friend told me “I pushed Katie the first three miles and she got me through the last two!!” I loved the teamwork! Let me tell u after participating in this race for many years I still love running through Southport and Westport, Beachside Ave and Greens Farm Road were fans cheer you on wishing u Happy Thanksgiving and blaring music such as “Rocky” or “We are the Champions”. It makes me happy every year! Not to mention guilt free when chowing down on always a wonderful meal! My advice is try it! You will like it! Run, walk, support friends just be a part of a great community event its fun!!!!

Video of last years 32nd Turkey Trot, and. Photos from this years 33rd