MOJA CAFE on the Boardwalk

Right before this Arctic weather blew in, I enjoyed a few taste thrills at a new hot spot in Westport called Moja Cafe. It open last month, 12 Wilton Road, you may wonder where exactly is that?   Well for u vintage Westporters, I could tell u right behind where Ye Olde Bridge Grille was or the Wine Bar, Grass Roots  for the rest of you, I will just say back near the old  Peter Coppola’s salon/ soon to b Bar Taco).  It is tucked right on the Saugatuck River with about 6 tables outside can u say killer location w outside dining!   Moja cafe on the boardwalk!
I had the pleasure of speaking with John the Manager and the assistant Chef “Baby Face” Ray. John focused more on one of Moja’s specialities; Organic Saki on Tap!  Yes, you heard me right, Sake on tap.  (which by the way, Moja is the only bar in CT to have Sake on tap)  Today’s special was “Westport Sunset” which is clementine infused caramelized sake in a Sapporo Beer WOW!  They have 11 infused sakes from Caramel clementine, Juniper mint, pineapple, carrot habenero, lemon honey and several others which are fun to try and are delicious.  John is famous for his “warm sake of the day” today, I had a warm Almond Biscotti sake to died for.
“Baby face Ray” the assistant chef obviously was all about the food.  The cuisine is a Asian South American Fusion food with Kones (gluten free sesame scallion wraps) Arepas (grilled corn cakes) Noodle bowls and delicious salads!  My fave was the short rib Kone and the crab Arepas!  The food is light and delicious a nice complement to the Restaurants in town.  Oh and I almost forgot the ultimate dessert was the sampler of well just go see!
Moja is open for lunch and dinner and the lounge is set up with WiFi hookup for you surfers!
Check out the slide show! Then go check out Moja on the boardwalk!!!!!