The $14 cheese board at Caseus in New Haven.



I have been meaning to make it up to New Haven for a cheese-themed dinner at Caseus but scheduling conflicts have stood in the way. It’s sort of killing me.

This week, New York Magazine’s Spring travel issue confirms what everybody else has been telling me: Caseus is legit. In a roundup of tri-state day trips, where New Haven is listed as a foodie destination, Caseus – a fromagerie and restaurant – is featured along with the city’s more well-known pizza and historic-hamburger-serving establishments.

Recently, I was in New Haven for a state hockey semi-final game at Yale and when I realized I was an hour early and three blocks from Caseus, I headed over to check out the downstairs shop. The shop itself is small, but the selection appears to be well curated and they also offer gourmet chocolates and other items.

I couldn’t decide which of the several blue cheeses I like best so I walked out with two, the Stichelton and the Crozier Sheep’s Blue. Upon subsequent rumination, I declare the Crozier to be my favorite.

Somehow, I resisted eating all the cheese during the game; perhaps I was somewhat reluctant to pull out my cheese knife and dig into the $30-per-pound imported Irish cheese in a pressbox full of sports writers during the middle of a hockey game. I would never, ever live that down.

It wasn’t until much later on the drive home that I had the Eureka Moment: I was hungry, I was near a Five Guys Burgers and Fries and I had a quarter-pound hunk of sheep’s milk blue cheese sitting next to me. I knew then that I should, nay I must, race to Five Guys, order a double burger and throw that $8 hunk of cheese on it.

I did. And it was super awesome.


P.S. Hopefuly, very soon, I will make it up to Caseus for dinner.

Chris Preovolos