ABOVE: Augustino Scicchitano, left, watches a bocce game while Nick Eisanelli and Dominic Schinella, enjoy steak sandwiches during bocce league night at the Minturnese Social Club.


After rushing back on an express train from New York today, I arrived at Springdale station just in time for bocce night at the Minturnese Social Club. League nights started two weeks ago but I was out of town the first week and bocce was rained out last Wednesday.

Today, despite the day-long sporadic precipitation, we rolled.

2009 marks the inaugural year for team “i Advocati,” the newsroom’s bocce team and we are off to a poor start thus far, with a perfect 0-6 record. Apparently, years of experience on our opponent’s behalf is getting the better of our youthful exuberance.

Nevertheless, we had a hell of a good time, getting tips from the guys, drinking Peronis and eating steak sandwiches. Tony Cardillo and Tony Rizzi were manning the grill, serving up the sandwiches with your choice of sweet or hot peppers. The hot peppers, a Peruvian variety, come from Rizzi’s garden down the street and tip the Scovile scale more than enough for my palate.

I played bocce a little in college and it’s slowly coming back to me. Now, I just have to learn how to swear in Italian.

BELOW: Sam Laria rolls his way to a clean 3-0 sweep of the Advocate team.


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Chris Preovolos

8 Responses

  1. Sandy S says:

    Hey Chris, great article about the Seafood Restaurant. I love my seafood so I will be visiting it for lunch today. No more Sammy’s at City Island. Thanks for the tip!

    Your neighbor

  2. Jeff "Money" Scott says:

    This looks like a cast reunion party for all the extras from The Sopranos/Goodfellas, in addition I never pass on a good steak sandwich.

    I would love it there!

  3. JR says:

    Yeah, it’s a city park! Shouldn’t they be open to the public at least part of the time?

    I called Norwalk’s town hall about the courts at Calf Pasture Beach, and they are open to the public, but you have to be resident of Norwalk to enter the beach (or pay a big non-resident fee, I’m sure).

    Do you have any idea what restaurant in Bridgeport has bocce courts?

  4. The courts at Scalzi are maintained by the club and the gate is locked when not used by the club (though its a low fence). It is, however, in a city park. I actually asked the city about this once and didn’t really get an answer.

    In Norwalk, the courts at Calf Pasture Beach are totally open.


  5. JR says:

    OK, the Stamford Bocce League is waaay too hardcore for me. Is the Minturnese league more recreational?

    Also, do you know if the bocce courts in Scalzi are open to the public when the league isn’t playing?

    I’d love to find that restaurant in Bridgeport! Any idea of its name?


  6. Tom Kelly says:


    “Green Shoots!”

    There is a Portuguese restaurant in Bridgeport that has an indoor Bocce court. Similar to Il Vagabando’s in the city.


  7. The Stamford Bocce League (the one that plays at Scalzi) has a website:

    As far as Minturnese the teams are set for this year, but basically I ran into one of the many Minturenes who hang out at Enzo’s deli on Hope Street and just asked!

    We might need an alternate at some point…


  8. JR says:

    I love bocce! How do I join this league or the one that plays in Scalzi??