ABOVE: Chef Bill Taibe of Napa & Co. in Stamford.



Stamford’s renowned Napa & Company is losing the executive chef who has been with restaurant since it opened three years ago. Chef Bill Taibe tells the LBC his last day at the restaurant will be Wednesday.

Taibe, 33, a Weston resident, is planning to open a new restaurant in Westport by the end of summer. Via email, Taibe offers this regarding his new venture, “The concept: old reclaimed barn wood, open kitchen, super casual farmhouse feel. Food will be what is available to me that day.”

Along with owners Mary Schaffer and Charlie Morgan, Taibe and his staff have remained close to the themes evoked by the restaurant’s name; Napa & Company’s hallmarks have been its deep wine list and a menu that changes frequently to reflect local and seasonal produce and cheeses.

“[It is a] great restaurant with a passionate group of people running it. Napa made me the chef I am today, and I’m very proud to say that,” says Taibe, ” I will miss it, but I need to be in a more hands-on environment, a smaller more intimate restaurant. I will miss Napa and its staff, I wish them all the best truly…

PLEASE READ: Schaffer’s comment to this post. Excerpted here, she writes:

…It is with pride that we announce that Bill Taibe has been offered a chance to do his own restaurant again. With change comes excitement, we are equally proud to announce the next rising star chef, Arik Bensimon. Arik is a culinary graduate from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park. He has the famed restaurants, Le Cirque and Picholine in NYC and La Panetiere in Rye, under his belt. His many years in the culinary scene of New York City shaped his passion and work ethic. And although, Arik shares the same “farm to table” philosophy as our former chef, we are very impressed at the sneak peaks of what’s to come out of the kitchen now.


Chris Preovolos