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: January, 2010

Down under Midtown: A subterranean coffee break

ABOVE: The coffee options under Midtown. 1/28/2010 Just when you thought your office coffee is swill at best, consider the Sandhogs. These guys out of Local 147 in New York City are hard at work

Get out of the GCT food court: Black Shack Burger, Murray Hill

ABOVE: The Black Shack Burger with bacon and cheese. BLACK SHACK BURGER: 320 LEXINGTON AVE. (BETWEEN 37TH AND 38TH), NEW YORK 1/28/2010 I’m always looking for a decent lunch joint near Grand Central

LBC Pick of the Week: French fry stuffed Arabic chicken wrap

LAYLA’S FALAFEL: 245 MAIN STREET AND 926 HIGH RIDGE ROAD, STAMFORD 1/27/2010 I’ve always loved the Arabic chicken wrap at Layla’s Falafel, which has two locations in Stamford, but stuffing it with

Colonial Expansion: Colony Grill to take on Fairfield

1/21/2010 COLONY GRILL: 172 MYRTLE AVE., STAMFORD If you want Kansas City barbecue, you go to Arhtur Bryant’s. Not the fake one at the casino, but the one on Brooklyn Avenue where the walls are

Connecticut Coffee Society firing back up for 2010

ABOVE: My ceramic dripper which has since been replaced by a Clever at the Advocate. 1/19/2010 Donny Raus, of the Connecticut Coffee Society, a Meetup-based group of local coffee geeks is hosting

Taco Loco? Join the club

1/18/2010 Recently the New York Times’ Gadgetwise blog wrote about Taco Loco, an iPhone app designed specifically to locate tacos in your immediate geographic area. It really is just a twist on Google

Lidia Bastianich coming to Stew’s

1/17/2010 Lidia Bastianich, of the popular PBS cooking show, Lidia’s Italy will appear at Stew Leonard’s Wine store in Norwalk this weekend. Every time I see her show I have the uncontrollable itch to

Photo of the week: Thailand

ABOVE: What three bucks gets you in Thailand. 1/17/2010 From the category of: people emailing me with food photos trying to make me jealous. Well it worked. Sarah Lipman of

Food Network to air free show amid Cablevision throwdown

1/6/2010 Good news for those of you who wanted to catch the much-hyped “Iron Chef America: Super Chef Battle” but couldn’t after the Food Network was yanked from Cablevision subscribers this week.

Cablevision to subscribers: drop dead

1/5/2010 Cablevision, are you kidding me? No more Food Network? I’ll be canceling my account if the Food Network isn’t back on my box when I get back to Stamford. Work it out. But you can keep Rachael