The Lunch Break Chronicles

with Chris Preovolos

Greenwich pub serves up Royal Wedding menu

Leave it to the British Empire to invade everything — including my belly. I’ve been talking about the Royal Wedding ever since Kate Middleton threw on that pretty blue dress in November and announced that William had given her that pretty blue ring, so when one of our editors saw an advertisement for a Royal […] [Read More]
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A tale of two Colonies: How Colony Grill Fairfield stacks up to Stamford

ABOVE: Plain cheese pie from Colony Grill in Fairfield. Please excuse the crummy cell phone photograph. COLONY GRILL (FAIRFIELD): 1520 POST ROAD, FAIRFIELD When I first heard a second location was in the works for Colony Grill, Stamford’s legendary Myrtle Street bar and pizza place (in the most literal sense), I believe my first words […] [Read More]
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Finally, I get a taste of a Gordon Ramsay makeover

When Chef Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares” came to my neighborhood to reconstruct Cafe Tavolini (now viewable here), I was filled with hope. I had been a steady customer since it opened, and I could sense its decline. What a disappointment that the restaurant folded soon after the episode wrapped.Tragic for the owners, of course, but […] [Read More]
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Garelick and Herbs: New Canaan’s Best Salad

As someone who grew up on a grass-fed beef farm, I tend to enjoy a big, bulky burger for lunch, but even a crazy carnivore needs a good salad every once in a while. Enter Garelick & Herbs. This little eatery, located on Main Street in New Canaan, is the go-to spot for a make-your-own […] [Read More]
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