PIZZA TRAGEDY: Motorino, Brooklyn’s ‘leaning tower of pizza,’ closed for good


My first act after stepping off a plane from Houston was to head over to Williamsburg’s famous Motorino for what I consider to be the best pizza I’ve ever had.  As we approached, I was stunned to find the above note taped to the totally empty building.

Turns out, the landlord and the city didn’t see eye to eye on structural repairs, causing the entire building to be evacuated, as first reported by Eater. You can tell Motorino’s owner, Mathieu Palombino, isn’t pleased with the developments, given the tone of the note. You can read more about the closing from Slice, Brooklyn365, and the NY Post.

Don’t mourn for too long, as the location in Manhattan’s East Vilage (12th Street and 1st Avenue) remains open… I won’t say how I confirmed that fact, but it was delicious.

Brett Mickelson