Yet another mega CVS may displace popular deli

Deep in Elizabeth Kim’s article about the ongoing saga over the CVS at Bulls Head and its design is this note:

In a city with relatively few chains, CVS appears to be making a significant investment in Stamford. According to Cole, CVS officials have made inquiries with him about two other locations in Stamford. One, on Hope Street in Glenbrook, is being targeted for expansion. The deal, which has not been confirmed, could result in the displacement of as many as eight local businesses.

I’ve been hearing rumors about this for a while since I frequent one of the businesses that could be displaced, Enzo’s Italian Fine Foods on Hope Street.

Aside from being the best Italian Deli in Stamford (along with L&G on the west side), Enzo’s is a gathering place for pretty much everybody I know from the Minturnese Social Club where my colleagues and I compete (poorly) in a bocce league.

When I was living further up in Springdale, CVS displaced the neighborhood’s only grocery store, despite the fact there was a Brooks pharmacy next door (they subsequently closed and that building is now vacant). CVS is well within their rights to a bigger and better store on their property, but is it really necessary; Hope Street Pharmacy next door is hands-down a better pharmacy in terms of customer service.

There isn’t much to report at this time, but I sincerely hope that if forced to move Enzo finds a suitable location nearby. If not, I am going to miss the hell out of that place.


Chris Preovolos