Jake’s Wayback Burgers launches Stamford shop


With Station Eats recently opening and Five Guys and Plan B coming soon, Stamford is undergoing a burger renaissance.

And now the franchise chain, Jake’s Wayback Burgers is up and running on Hope Street. They replaced the short-lived Chef Luis Express, and blew out of front end, easily doubling the seating.

The good news:

It’s cheap. Cheaper than five guys and pretty much cheaper than any other decent-quality fast food place around here. I paid around $7 for a cheeseburger, fries and a drink.

The portions aren’t out of control: My biggest beef with Five Guys that I leave feeling like I just ate for three, no matter how hard I try not to eat all the fries.

The semi-good news:

The burgers are pretty good, nothing to write home about, but still pretty solid and I’ll be coming back.

The bad news:

Unrelated, but nearby Mi Ranchito has still not reopened after a kid crashed into it and wrecked the place a few months ago.

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Chris Preovolos

5 Responses

  1. Danny says:

    Went in several times..Very freindly atmosphere..Great Burgers n fries.. Milk shakes are surprisingly nice and sweet.. no match with my own..lol
    will try their chilli cheese fries next time..Hear a lot about them..
    BOM and MOM change every month.. good idea folks!!

  2. Aldo says:

    Hey Chris nice to see you back always enjoyed your reviews! Any news on Ranchito and/or Enzo’s move??

  3. Chris Preovolos says:

    Jeff, I thought the fries were above average. Crispy and well seasoned, but again, nothing to write home about.

    This place is really close to work, and on a route I travel at least a couple of times a day, which is the main reason the likelihood of me returning is high.


  4. Chris, looks like we had the same opinion over at ctbites.com. Burger was OK other stuff was not up to snuff. What did you think of the fries?

  5. efbeenie says:

    I have eaten at the Stratford location several times. Not yet in Stamford. I think the burgers are pretty good, enjoyed the fries as well. The prices are not to bad. This place is a good alternative to 5 guys for those that are allergic to peanuts(5 guys uses peanut oil). I would recommend it to anyone.