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: July, 2012

The best Norwalk restaurant you’ve never heard of

Back in March of 2009, I left the Norwalk bureau of The Advocate for a new job at Greenwich Time. I was excited for my new challenge and, though the Norwalk office was right next to Whole Foods and

Sometimes you take the high road

Well folks, Sometimes you take the high road and sometimes you anonymously do this. But anyway, if you would like to read the dissenting opinion on the Colony/Riko’s/Ridgeway post, check it out.

Anthony’s brings coal-fired pizza to Darien

ANTHONY’S COAL FIRED PIZZA: 319 POST ROAD, DARIEN The first time I went to Anthony’s, shortly after they opened their doors in February, Chuck Locke, director of operations for the chain, told me I

The Stamford-bar-pizza challenge

STAMFORD — When Rico’s (now Riko’s) opened and claimed to have a Colony-style pie that could top the original, we balked. I vehemently defended Colony as a Stamford institution and the purveyor of the

Bodega Taco Bar is coming to Darien

ABOVE: Bodega Taco Bar in Fairfield. When Ole Mole in Darien closed, the town lost it’s only Mexican eatery — and even that was short lived. But the town is poised to see the second location of the

So who’s dietary whims are you conforming to?

Great talker today from the New York Times about our new collective penchant for gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian, vegan, local food, paleo diets, etc., and how that affects the (once simple) act