Sneak peek: John Dough’s Pizza Bar in Norwalk


“We’re going to introduce New Haven style pizza to SoNo.”

If you’ve ever tried the pizza at Behind the Net in the Darien Ice Rink, you already know what owner Bill Ferguson and chef Derek Furino are all about. If things go forward as planned, they’ll be slinging fresh Elm City-inspired pies by the time September rolls around.

Ferguson let the LBC sneak in for a preview.

“The heavy lifting is pretty much done. Now we’re getting into the details,” he said. “We’re probably a couple weeks out.”

Unlike Ferguson’s prior ventures in the space, Archie Moore’s and Rivals, John Dough’s will have a singular focus.

“Previously, we had mainstream burgers and wings and fried foods,” he said. “Now we’re keeping it a lot simpler.”

Aside from pizza, the menu will consist of salads and a full bar.

The interior has been repainted and refinished, 12 TVs will broadcast the latest sports, and there might even be some outdoor seating.

I asked if there were plans to experiment with other types of pizza (maybe jumping into the Colony-style pie fracas).

“If there is a demand for a thicker crust, a different style, a thinner crust, some additional toppings, then we can explore that,” Ferguson said. “Coming out of the gate we’re going to do what we’ve been successful with.”

Works for me.

Brett Mickelson