Plan B Burger Bar’s grand opening


Plan B Burger Bar finally held its grand opening opened in Stamford, and I missed it.

But that’s OK, they’ve sent me a few photos from the event and it only makes me want to go even more.

I’ve been to their West Hartford restaurant a couple of times and I think it would be fair to say if the new Stamford location is up to par, we may have a new contender for the best burger joint in Stamford.

What do you think?

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Chris Preovolos

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  1. mike derose says:

    Just what we need. More Big Buck Burger chains… What a waste.

  2. Juliette says:

    Being a new restaurant, I ordered the mini-sampler of three different slider-sized burgers.

    – Salmon burger was OK, if you like that sort of thing
    – Second burger was so uneventful that I forgot what type it was
    – Classic “tavern burger” was very good, and had very tasty sauce

    Next time I visit I will get a full sized tavern burger.

    The blue cheese topped “nachos” (really potato chips) were sinful and shamefully delicious. They are a million calorie meal in themselves, so order with care. Two of us shared this appetizer and were very full by the time our entrees arrived.

    The staff was very upbeat and helpful. Hostess was cheerful. Everyone appeared to work as a team.

    I agree the name of the restaurant is unfortunate, however, we must remember the phrase “Plan B” was around longggggg before it was the name of an emergency birth control pill. We can look past the name as mature adults.

  3. LG says:

    Haven’t been to the Plan B in Stamford, but frequent the one in Milford. I think the burgers are inventive and I have found that if you push them they’ll cook it however you want. I get their Western Burger (I think?) which comes with kalamata olive mayo, avocado, and a fried egg. Order the burger rare and the egg over hard.. Waiter looks at me like I’m nuts, but it comes out correctly. Plus they have a great beer list with local and regional favorites that changes seasonally. I’d give the one in Stamford a chance after they get a chance to start rolling. They must do something right, wait to get seated from 6-8pm on a Friday or Saturday night at the restaurant in Milford is 30-60 minutes every time I go there…

  4. Chris Preovolos says:

    Let’s keep it to Stamford here. I mean, all of those places you mention are top notch, but what’s your spot if you want a burger in town?

  5. brooklynmc says:

    I am always on a quest for burgers, tacos and lobster rolls. A few years ago, my wife and I were in Hartford and asked where we could find the best burger. It was almost unanimous. Some place called Plan B in West Hartford. It took us a while to find it. When we did, I was excited. It was a cute, neighborhood bar and food joint. Problem was, the food really wasn’t that good. They try too hard. The burgeres just did not cut it. The fries were so over seasoned we could not eat them. This place is not terrible, but if it wins any burger competitions it just means that there are no serious competitors. My opinion is go to NYC’s Corner Bistro, or PJ Clarks burger or JG Melon or Delmonico’s or even Jackson Hole or go to Westport and get a Shake Shack burger. Plan B should always be Plan B and not plan A.

  6. UnsatisfiedMind says:

    Didn’t quite get the ordering style of “pink”, “some pink”, and “no pink” with the emphasis that in the end you can’t really tell the difference. It just seemed to confuse the people at our table, and when “pink” arrived “no pink” the answer was since the burgers are hand-formed, there is “pink” somewhere in the burger, just not all the way through the burger.

    Fries were decent, PB cake dessert was tasty. Staff was friendly and pleasant.

    I’d try it again after they’ve had a chance to settle into a groove, but I’d say they have a ways to go before I’ll hand the best burger crown. For now, Plan B seems apropos.

  7. Keith Whamond says:

    What an unfortunate name.