Dinosaur BBQ is here

Dinosaur BBQ is here.

The cult favorite from Syracuse adds a Stamford restaurant to its locations in upstate New York and Harlem — and it’s about time, anticipation has been high ever since word got out that the barbecue joint was coming to town.

I remained somewhat skeptical after being not super-overwhelmed by a meal I had at the original location earlier this year, however, it was probably just all the hype from a former co-worker (and ‘Cuse grad) that somewhat misinformed my expectations — I was expecting something transcendant and instead what I got was really decent ‘cue…

Here is the deal: Dinosaur BBQ opens officially Wednesday at 845 Canal Street and it really is very good.

Ribs: Just the way I like them, super tender but having just enough bite so they don’t fall off the bone and they are not overly sauced or sweet.

Wings: Crispy, salty, peppery skin, tender inside and a really good barbecue flavor. They aren’t hot, they are fried, they are just good.

Sausage: The house-made sausage appetizer was excellent and I’m definitely going back to try a whole plateful of the real thing.

Sides: I liked the slaw and the pickles enough but I wasn’t paying much attention to non-meat things. I saw a dude walking around with some mac and cheese but couldn’t fight the crowd over to the table where it was being dished out.

Beer: My wife and I both had an ale from Stafmord’s own Half Full Brewery which we enjoyed but I didn’t get a super-close look at the selection.

Brisket: Ok, I’m saving the best for last. The brisket was real, real good. Awesome bark, nice smoke ring, beautiful fat — actually, my only complaint was that the guy slicing the brisket was cutting off the beautifully rendered fat cap and throwing it away so I had to ask for some slices with it intact.

The only thing I didn’t like here was that I was asked by an employee to move my bicycle, which I was locking up to a railing in front of the restaurant. Would I want it in front of my restaurant? The answer is yes.

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Chris Preovolos