Lorca: The best coffee in Stamford?

I have been a Stamford resident for nearly ten years and for the entirety of this time I have pined for a really good coffee and espresso shop.

I have been a Stamford resident for nearly ten years and for the entirety of this time I have pined for a really good coffee and espresso shop.

Now, with the opening of Lorca at 125 Bedford Street, my wait is over.

There are others, Chocopologie recently opened on Main Street in Downtown Stamford, but if the espresso drinks at the other locations are any indication, they are not up to par. (Their hot chocolate and pretty much everything else  is praise-worthy, no doubt)

Lorca offers up a classic Spanish combo: coffee and churros con chococlate. While this decadent breakfast snack is commonplace is Spain, it hasn’t gained a foothold in America. There are but a few churros places in New York City, and definitely nothing else like it around here. (I ate pounds of them on my honeymoon on the Costa del Sol, which is probably why I came back so fat)

Besides the churros, Lorca offers pastries both from Wave Hill Breads in Norwalk and their own kitchen.

Full disclosure: I met the owner of Lorca, Leyla Dam a few years ago when she worked at Espresso NEAT in Darien and consider her a personal friend. However, I would not recommend her new venture as enthusiastically if I didn’t feel that she is now serving absolutely top-notch products.

In fact, try an espresso or a cortado or a cappuccino at Lorca, I personally guarantee that it will be the best coffee you have ever had in the City of Stamford.

Leyla recently sat down with a Stamford Advocate reporter before the store’s opening:

Inspired by sugar-dusted memories of eating churros during her childhood in Spain, Stamford resident Leyla Dam will soon bring the chocolate-dipped treats to the city, with a sturdy cup of coffee on the side. Lorca, Dam’s coffee shop venture, is set to open on Bedford Street in mid-December.

Dam has been “really obsessed” with churros since she was a child, she said, and wants Lorca to represent a blend of Spanish and American cultures. While the pastries are native to Spain and Latin America, the coffee, shipped from Handsome Coffee Roasters in Los Angeles, is pure American. Lorca will offer a menu of other pastries and lunch food provided by the nearby Station Eats.

“When I decided to bring churros to Fairfield County, I went back to Spain to learn how to make them,” Dam said. “There’s a huge culture around churros in Spain. It’s very much like late-night diner food here.”

As a downtown-ish resident, I am particularly pleased that Lorca opens at 7 a.m. when pretty much nothing but Dunkin Donuts is operating. Hopefully this will fill a niche that has long been needed for downtown residents and for those who work in the area, needless to say, I will be a regular.

P.S.: I’m not even kidding, the espresso is really good.

Chris Preovolos